Stardust. Cose Preziose al femminile

Exhibition  /  10 Nov 2006  -  21 Nov 2006
Published: 14.11.2006
Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea
Piazza Cavour
+39 0481 494 369

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Ten artists create different precious objects, able to transform the word “jewel” into a feminine art piece... with a relationship between personal adornment, body and person (...)

The Municipality of Monfalcone, with the support of the Local Council for Equal Opportunities, and with the assistance of AGC, organises from 10th to 21st November the exhibition Stardust: women and jewels at the Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea (Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery).
The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the latest trends in contemporary jewellery, promoting the work of ten female artists, both new young talents and internationally established, coming from north-east Italy and Slovenia.
The exhibition is part of a larger project (sponsored by the Regional Commission on Gender Equality) which aims to advance the status of women’ creativity in the art market, and to promote their recognition in the social and cultural context.
The event aims to foster contacts between female artist and the local economical context, and therefore to improve their professional status and to provide opportunities to develop their own creativity. 

Laura Gallo, Silvia Salnitro, Ines Paola Fontana, Gina Morandini, Silvia Rossi, Lucia Davanzo, Stefania Lucchetta, Barbara Uderzo, Nataša Grandovec, Anda Klancic: ten different approaches to the latest tendencies in contemporary jewellery. Ten unique voices will help us to enter the world of contemporary jewellery. A world which is sometimes misunderstood and certainly not known enough.
Discarding rigid boundaries and rejecting a single perception of the role of jewellery and metalwork, the artists are going to create different precious objects, able to transform the word “jewel” into a feminine art piece. Gold, silver, stones, but also plastic and food are the materials to be seen. These design and goldsmith objects assembled with high craftsmanship and skilful technique, are sometimes detached from tradition. They are all precious even if their meaning does not depend on the commercial value of the material itself, but on the artist’s creative process.
The paths which the artists are showing to us are certainly ironic, sometimes provocative, maybe even highly involved with the most innovative technology or devoted to the tradition in a renewed way. All these polysemantic languages, full of symbolic reference to the role of the body as a mediator of messages, will make us discover a new approach to the meaning of “jewel”: non only a precious object, but also a key instrument in the complex relationship between personal adornment, body and person. 


Friday, 10th November 2006, 7pm

Everyday 4pm - 7pm 

Free entry 

Stefania Lucchetta. : Untitled. Stefania, Lucchetta. Stefania Lucchetta
: Untitled

Stefania, Lucchetta

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Anda Klancic. : Untitled. Anda, Klancic. Anda Klancic
: Untitled

Anda, Klancic

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Barbara Uderzo. : Untitled. Barbara, Uderzo. Barbara Uderzo
: Untitled

Barbara, Uderzo

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Lucia Davanzo. : Untitled. Lucia, Davanzo. Lucia Davanzo
: Untitled

Lucia, Davanzo

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