Theatre of Detail

Exhibition  /  01 Sep 2015  -  06 Sep 2015
Published: 02.09.2015
Jess Dare. Neckpiece: Offerings: Elementary Phuang Malai, 2015. Powder coated brass, copper, cotton.. Photo by: Grant Hancock. Jess Dare
Neckpiece: Offerings: Elementary Phuang Malai, 2015
Powder coated brass, copper, cotton.
Photo by: Grant Hancock
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For 1 week only from the 1st of September to the 6th Theatre of Detail will be at Funaki Project Space as part of Radiant Pavilion jewellery and object trail. There is a spectacular number of jewellery and object related events, talks and exhibitions during Radiant Pavilion so make sure you join in the frenzy and make Theatre of Detail your very first stop.