Two close ones

Exhibition  /  17 Mar 2006  -  21 May 2006
Published: 01.02.2007
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
Ketli Tiitsar

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(...) the artist’s relationship with the previously designed object through a new creation, be it through “breaking the rules” and breaking loose from the traditions (...)

The theme of this triennial “Two Close Ones”  was provided by the working group consisting of the members of the Society. In the center of interest lies the artist’s relationship with the previously designed object through a new creation, be it through “breaking the rules” and breaking loose from the traditions, disclosing some new aspects in them, or by simply explaining them, understanding them and being inspired by them. Photos of the objects having served as the source of inspiration are also displayed in the exhibition and in the catalogue next to artist works.

A total of 332 applications were received from the artists from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Estonia, Spain, Holland, Croatia, England, Italy, Japan, Canada, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia - from 27 countries in total.
The jury of the triennial (Karin Paulus, Martin Pärn, Tiina Sarapu, Urmas Viik and Ketli Tiitsar) examined the forms of the 291 artists received anonymously. Proceeding from the rules of the triennial, the jury selected 113 works of 90 artists from a total of 16 countries. The selected works will be published in a catalogue. At the opening of the exhibition the names of the awarded artists will be made public.

All together

Wendy Ramshaw, an English jewellery artist is the special guest of the triennial. Starting from mid – eighties of the last century the artist's attention has been caught by the women painted by Pablo Picasso. The range of female beauty and emotions rendered by Picasso on the canvas inspired W. Ramshaw to create pieces of jewellery to match each painting. 5 pieces of jewellery together with the reproductions of the paintings of Picasso are displayed at the triennial.

Unlike earlier triennials satellite exhibitions in the galleries of Tallinn take place in addition to the main exhibition in the Museum. On 16 March the exhibition “TWO CLOSE ONES, CLOSE TO THE EVERYDAY” of the students of jewellery of the first and second year of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Holland) will be opened in the gallery of the Estonian Academy of Arts interpreting the subject of the triennial.
On 17 March a thematic exhibition “BIG SCIENCE” comprising solely of the examples of the Estonian applied art will be opened in the Hobusepea, Draakoni and A-(exhibition) galleries, curated by Anneli Porri and Pille-Triin Männik.
In the morning of 17 March KUMU (Estonian Museum of Art) will host the seminar of the triennal “Two Close Ones”.
Speakers: Ave Matsin (textile artist); Jüri Kermik (designer), England; Argo Moor (cultural anthropologist)); Lesley Jackson (free-lance critic and curator), England, Wendy Ramshaw (jewellery artist), England. Kai Lobjakas will act as the moderator in the seminar.

On 18 March the day of presentations of the artists will take place in the ETDM where all the participating artists have the opportunity to present their creative works.

Enno Piir is the author of the graphic design of the exhibition; the designers of the main exhibition are the architects of the group 3+1 (Andres Ojari, Markus Kaasik and Ilmar Valdur).


Registration to the seminar and to the presentation day of artists:

Kai Lobjakas +372 6274603,

Further information:

Ketli Tiitsar; +372 627 4602, +372 552 8904

Triennials are organised by Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society.

The curatorial team of 4th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial TWO CLOSE ONES:
Merike Alber – art historian
Elin Kard – artist
Ülle Kõuts – jewellery artist
Kai Lobjakas – art historian
Lennart Mänd – artist, bookbinder
Ebe Nõmberg – art historian
Aigi Orav – ceramist
Ele Praks – textile artist
Tiina Sarapu – glass artist
Ketli Tiitsar – jewellery artist

The board of the Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society:

Ketli Tiitsar – chairwoman
Merike Alber – member of the board
Kai Lobjakas – member of the board
Lennart Mänd – member of the board
Ele Praks – member of the board

Triennial is kindly supported by:
Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture, British Council Estonia, Arts Council England, Estonian Artists Association, Tallinn City.
Jantje Fleishhut. : Untitled. Jantje, Fleishhut. Jantje Fleishhut
: Untitled

Jantje, Fleishhut

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Heli Hietala. : Untitled. Heli, Hietala. Heli Hietala
: Untitled

Heli, Hietala

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Uli Rapp. : Untitled. Uli, Rapp. Uli Rapp
: Untitled

Uli, Rapp

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