Workplaces: explorations and interruptions in contemporary jewellery

Exhibition  /  24 Aug 2021  -  15 Oct 2021
Published: 14.09.2021
Cecilia Mattera. Necklace: Abrazo, 2021. Recycled PET plastic bottles. 17 x 32 x 5 cm. Photo by: Damian Wasser. Cecilia Mattera
Necklace: Abrazo, 2021
Recycled PET plastic bottles
17 x 32 x 5 cm
Photo by: Damian Wasser
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The exhibition shows a huge diversity of different voices from young artists, who have during the pandemic dedicated themselves to the creative process. The journey that each individual took is now on Show.

An exhibition part of the III Latin American Biennial of Contemporary Jewellery