Bron, Ruudt Peters Retrospective Exhibition: Crowdfunding Campaign

Fundraising  /  MJW-SchmuckTalente2017  /  02 Mar 2017  -  30 Nov 2017
Published: 02.03.2017

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Ruudt Peters is preparing a 44 year retrospective exhibition entitled Bron. Bron means ‘source’, a word Peters finds fascinating as he continues to investigate the inspirations and serendipities through which we can better understand ourselves.

Peters invites you to purchase this small pin, which represents a small particle of the ‘MA’ series. By buying this unlimited art edition, you take home a piece of this exploration. In this ‘source’ you might both look and see. It is both a mirror and a window to the soul. Each piece is hand made by himself and each has a different attitude, a different expression.

With this purchase you also support the artist’s upcoming exhibition at the CODA Museum in the Netherlands. This detailed and ambitious exhibition will feature custom-made structures and multimedia interactions to show the continuum of his practice and offer a new way of experiencing jewellery.
By buying this brooch you will become a part of the community that is making it happen, I hope you can join me during the exhibition for this experience… / Ruudt Peters
Buy the brooch for the special price of € 40,-- (inclusive shipping costs) directly @ruudtpeters himself at Schmuck or online  and show us where your pin travels: #BronSource

This is a crowd funding for my upcoming retrospective exhibition BRON. You can buy a special edition brooch and support the realization of this interactive exhibition! Meet me at schmuck 2017 or visit my website and buy the brooch online.

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Ruudt Peters. Pin: Bron, 2017. Glass, polyester, graphite.. 2.5 cm. From series: Friend. Ruudt Peters
Pin: Bron, 2017
Glass, polyester, graphite.
2.5 cm
From series: Friend
© By the author. Read Copyright.