To a circle - An installation of sculptures and porcelain jewelry by Yiyan Zhou. Crowdfunding for VENICE DESIGN 2018.

Fundraising  /  13 Mar 2018  -  30 Apr 2018
Published: 13.03.2018
DEADLINE: 30/04/2018
Yiyan Zhou. Piece: Set Of Jewelry, 2016. Porcelain with matte and glossy gold paint. Photo by: Martin Konrad. Yiyan Zhou
Piece: Set Of Jewelry, 2016
Porcelain with matte and glossy gold paint
Photo by: Martin Konrad
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The artist is invited to exhibit her sculptures and porcelain jewelry creations at "Venice Design", as part of the Venice Biennale of Architecture and Design 2018. This exhibition is installed in the Palazzo Michiel, facing the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice and will be visited by about 200,000 visitors.

Artist list

Yiyan Zhou
With the organizer, the GAA Foundation, Yiyan is running this fundraising in order to finance the realization and the 6-month exhibition in “Venice design” of her art installation, for a total budget of 16000 euros.

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Yiyan Zhou. Necklace: Folded Twisted Oval With Gold Painting, 2015 - 2016. Porcelain with matte gold paint. Photo by: Martin Konrad

Description of the installation:
Name: « Vers un Cercle » 

This is an installation with an open brass circle in the center, about 70cm in diameter, suspended horizontally at a height of 2 meters 50. This circle is placed on a Plexiglas disk on which is wound a long porcelain necklace. The brass circle rotates around its center and unwinds the necklace that goes down through the opening outside during the rotations. The other end of the necklace rises and wraps in the circle. A round brass plate, about 1.20 m in diameter, is placed under the circle, on which is arranged a pile of small pieces of porcelain. The necklace settles on the porcelain pile as it is unrolled from the circle above. At the same time the other end of the necklace goes back to the circle. This movement is continuous. The porcelain parts of the necklace are interconnected by pieces of double bass string. This installation is an evolution of jewelry sculpture: "plateau de bijoux" made in 2016. (see the pictures in the following page) This sculpture represents hope. A background of contemporary music for double bass is played in loop. The music piece is specially composed for installation. To the music are added porcelain clinkings sounds. This forms a musical atmosphere with very highs or lows sounds. All around this central installation are 12 pedestals of approximately 1.20m on which are arranged 12 porcelain jewelry (see photos) made by the artist. The room is generally dark, only the central part and the 12 pedestals are lit by spotlights.\

Sketch of the installation and the description dimensions.
*The descriptions and graphical representations in this project presentation are for illustrative purposes, the final result may differ slightly.

About Pledge:
Contributors bringing 200 euro or more will receive one piece of an unlimited edition of the "Row brooch". Each brooch is hand made by Yiyan in France and made of porcelain and brass.

Yiyan Zhou. Brooch: Row, 2017.

Contributors bringing 1500 euro or more will receive one piece of the limited edition of Yiyan's "Cercle Simple" porcelain necklace. Each necklace is handmade by Yiyan Zhou in her workshop. The edition is limited to 10 pieces.

YIyan Zhou. Necklace: Circle Simple.

The contribution is also available for the sponsor willing to fund the totality of the project, the GAA foundation proposes communication package and events in this case. Please email Anaïs Hammoud for further info:
For any question and see the detail of the project, the benefit  from GAA foundation and artist, please email Yiyan Zhou, at