A5: Checks & Balances

Meeting  /  20 May 2011
Published: 17.05.2011
Konstfack University

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A5 (Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, Adam Grinovich) in colaboration with valeveil (Jacquelyn Davis) will hold an inteactive lecture on the 20th of May 2011. KL 10:00 CEST at Konstfack University, Stockholm Sweden.
A group lecture from the contemporary jewelry group A5 (Adam Grinovich, Annika Pettersson, and Romina Fuentes)

Moving backgards from the time of the actual lecture to any given art students beginning, the audience is encouraged to participate by personally investigating decision-making processes which have led them to follow their own artistic trajectory. Both a personal investigation and an experiential exercise using appropriation, this presentation hopes to disassemble flawed constructs and assumptions, one mutually shared experience at a time.



A portion of the lecture will be made available to an international audience via a live streaming web broadcast. Log in to at 10:00 CEST (Please check your time-zone for the difference in time) The event will only be available live.