Jewellery Matters. Context and Material Research

Meeting  /  CriticalThinking  /  15 Nov 2017  -  17 Nov 2017
Published: 01.06.2017
Jewellery Matters. Context and Material Research.
Museumstraat 1
1071 XX -  Amsterdam
DEADLINE: 15/11/2017

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This symposium is organized on the occasion of the publication Jewellery Matters (Rijksmuseum/Nai010 publishers – Summer 2017). In this richly illustrated book, art historian and design expert Marjan Unger offers a theoretical and multidisciplinary framework for the study of jewellery. The symposium addresses some important topics presented in the book. One of these topics, Jewellery and Fashion, will be the highlight during the evening program on November 15th.

In November 2017 the Rijksmuseum will organize a two-day symposium on jewellery. This international symposium is titled Jewellery Matters. Context and Material Research and will host speakers from all different fields within the jewellery community. The concept for this symposium is based on the publication of the new book by Dr. Marjan Unger, art-historian, design expert and a jewellery enthusiast to say the least. The book is titled Jewellery Matters and offers a theoretical and multidisciplinary framework for the study of jewellery (Summer 2017).

About the book.
Its history is long: jewellery is worn worldwide and has an endless variety of forms and meanings. But the fundamental question of why people wear it is rarely addressed. By giving an answer to the question ‘why jewellery matters’, Marjan Unger develops a set of standards that can serve as a model for the study of jewellery with new impetus and appreciation.

About symposium.
Speakers from different fields within the jewellery world will be invited to present on two main topics. In general, the first day of the symposium will focus on jewellery in context. We will look at jewellery from the perspective of the visual arts, from a sociological point of view and discuss the way in which appreciation of heritage is translated in today’s jewellery business.

The second day will address the use and study of materials. How does material research aid in the identification, dating and provenancing of pieces of (historical) jewellery? How do we deal with material coming from endangered species? How are cutting-edge developments in materials and techniques incorporated into student training programs in various institutions?

There wil also be a presentation of jewellery prints and drawings dating from the 16th to the 19th century on show during the symposium in the print room cabinets (August - November 2017).
Next to the symposium in the Rijksmuseum, a number of jewellery related exhibitions and events will open in the week preceding and following the symposium.

Call for pitches.
Next to the invited speakers, we welcome a group of speakers to present a Pecha Kucha pitch which focuses on one of the two topics described below. You are invited to interpret these topics to your own understanding and present them within a fixed window of 6 minutes, 40 seconds and 20 PowerPoint slides which will change every 20 seconds:

Jewellery and Emotional Value (16 November): Of all the values that are attributed to jewellery, emotional value is one of most difficult to grasp. How does this value translate into jewellery? Whether you are a wearer, a maker, a curator, a collector, an appraiser or a teacher, this particular value can have all sorts of different meanings.

Jewellery and Risky Materials (17 November): the use of some materials in jewellery like human ashes or animal blood can raise ethical questions. Is there a limit what material to use when executing a vision or a commission of an important client? Regarding conservation practice, are durability and stability of materials important parameters when designing a piece of jewellery?

Proposals of a maximum of 300 words and 2 images in which you describe your Pecha Kucha pitch, accompanied by a short curriculum vitae, can be sent to:

Deadline: 31 July 2017. Registration will open in June 2017.
The symposium will be held in English.

Keep a keen eye on the symposium page on the Rijksmuseum website for registration details and the preliminary program. Registration starts in June.

The symposium is made possible through the generous support of The Tiffany & Co. Foundation through a grant to the King Baudouin Foundation United States, as well as an anonymous bequest.


15th November
7 pm - 10 pm Opening of the symposium in the Atrium of the Rijksmuseum. Central theme this night will be Jewellery and Fashion. Special guest: Victoire de Castellane (Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie, Paris).

16th November
9 am - 6 pm Plenary session with lectures and short pitches themed around the subject of Jewellery in context and Jewellery and emotional value.

17th November
9 am - 6 pm Plenary session with lectures and short pitches themed around the subject of Jewellery and material research and Jewellery and risky materials.
. Pendant: In the form of a cock, c. 1600..
Pendant: In the form of a cock, c. 1600.

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