The Slow Reveal: The Lottery

Meeting  /  20 Nov 2019  -  06 Dec 2019
Published: 08.11.2019

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A time-honored cultural tradition, the lottery represents a temporary suspension of personal financial limitations, a dreaming space which grants permission to try on the feeling of wealth and experience abundance and even excess... A taste of luxury.
The Challenging Jewellery MA of Sandberg Institute are hosting a lottery-style event to sponsor their upcoming residency at San W Gallery in Shanghai.

Artist list

BLESS, Gijs Bakker, Current Obsession, Seline Durrer, Veronika Fabian, Silva Faggiani, Gabriella Goldsmith, Ting Gong, Benjamin Lignel, Marek Mrowiński, Margaret Munchheimer, Ted Noten, Ruudt Peters, Eva Van Kempen, Marilyn Volkman, Joanne Vosloo, Morgane de Klerk
While physical money is rapidly disappearing from circulation, the value of material objects is also under examination. Is there still a place in our lives for something as object-based as jewellery? Jewellery as currency is a collective project in the form of a three-week artist residency, that traffics in personal and cultural values across creative disciplines between Amsterdam and Shanghai.

Produced by an assembly of artists, thinkers and designers from the Challenging Jewellery master’s programme at Sandberg Institute, we replace the material connotations of currency with the exchange in human interaction. In short, we propose jewellery as a communicative material with the potential to forge new social currencies. 

In a unique, collective approach to an artist residency, we incorporate peer-lead workshops, exhibitions and performances, using various templates of finance to explore alternative ways of understanding value, based on the exchange of the immaterial rather than the physical. 

CJ (challenging jewellery) presents The Slow Reveal, The Lottery
In our Jewellery as Currency project, we channel the mythos of a lottery and mystery of a peep show, to finance our group residency. Playing with the glamour of gambling, we peddle the excitement of chance, the fantasy of luxuries unattainable. We give you the satisfaction of arts patronage and the promise of something deeper: trading shares of ownership in our artistic profits.

Act I
8th of Nov. 2019, 7 pm - 10 pm.
Where: Rietveld Pavilion, Fred. Roeskestraat 96, Amsterdam.

Act II: 
When: 20th of Nov. 2019, 6 pm - 9 pm.
Where: SAN W Gallery and Studio, 4th floor, South Building, Shanghai Institute for Visual Arts, 2200 Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai.

When: 6th of December, 2019, 4 pm - 6 pm.
Where: NoCC, New Centre of Contemporary Jewellery and Fashion Culture, No.281 Fuxin Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University.

Through the generous support of 18 donating artists, the Challenging Jewellery MA of Sandberg Institute are hosting a lottery-style event to sponsor their upcoming residency at San W Gallery in Shanghai, China.
From 08.11.2019 - 06.12.2019, jewellery and art pieces are awarded to lucky ticket holders:
Beginning on the 8th of November during Obsessed! Jewellery Festival, continuing at a sister event on the 20th of November at SAN W Gallery and Studio and finalizing the event at NoCC on the 6th of December in Shanghai.

Buy yourself a chance to get lucky and win unique prizes
Individual lottery tickets are available for € 5,-, with special rates for multiple tickets.
Keep an eye out for special news and updates on our Facebook and Instagram account.

About Artists' statement:

Eva van Kempen
I often find myself attempting to grasp and preserve what goes by. 
As a piece of jewellery can be a connection to a moment that has passed, which through generations of wearers, is brought into circulation just like a currency.
Applying this sentiment to the ancient goldsmithing technique of filigree, I seek to further deepen my skills within the craft while researching how I can help to preserve this intangible cultural heritage for future generations.

Seline Durrer is a transdisciplinary artist exploring the changing relationship and underlying power structures between human beings and objects caused by the consumer society revolution. Oscillating between concept and intuition, she works with a variety of media such as performance, sculpture and multimedia-installation. With a special focus on rituals, Seline questions how we can re-evaluate social value trough the form of gesture.

Ting Gong works with different forms, movement, memory and light to create the garment, or garment-like objects and situations which blur the lines between fashion and abstraction. With a ritualistic mindset and with her use of everyday materials, her work explores and switches between the notion of absence/presence, among objects and services.

Gabriella Goldsmith
With a critical eye on fast fashion and consumerist society, Gabriella proposes Time itself as a currency with perhaps an even greater value than money. Highlighting the contradiction between consumerism and the demand fora global commitment to climate change, she employs beadwork as a technique to express an appreciation of the time spent in making objects by hand, with consumer goods such as fake nails, credit cards or hair extensions as subject matter. Redefining their value as typically disposable objects, she elevates them into something we would think twice about throwing away. 

Margaret Munchheimer
Margaret is an American jewellery artist based in the Netherlands. She focuses this project on craft as an element of human heritage, a carrier for our social and intellectual development.
She researches the workshop as a social function, a format for community building and a medium for passing on technical knowledge, culture and social mythologies, the bedrock of human intelligence. In Shanghai, experiments will be conducted with various iterations of this format on the premise that craft-initiated communities can form spontaneously regardless of location, language or economic barriers.

Silvia Faggiani
Currency as a medium of exchange is contingent on the value of that medium being agreed upon. The value of jewellery is often caught between the material value and time invested, and the emotional value, built with the time you spend with the object. I focus, however, on the narrative value of objects, as symbols of the story they are telling. Using old symbols and creating new ones, I question if the jewellery is able to influence our behaviour, to sharpen our focus, for example on sustainability and climate change. I advocate jewellery as a representative of a new fundamental value.

Jewellery as Currency as Jewellery.
How much and what worth.
In and out of circulation.
Outside of one system inside the other. 

Marilyn Volkman 
Her work investigates the pseudoscientific, ritual and cultish aspects of presentation as an enterprise, primarily in the form of a self-help program called, NEO- CRAFT.  Through this and other near-art experiences, Volkman examines the manner in which life in global capitalism transforms our expectations through its performative vernaculars. 
Benjamin Lignel. Brooch: Raise (10 dollars), 2019. Steel, gold, acetate, paint.. Ø 5.6 cm. Raise (10 dollars). Won by raffle number 311.
. Raise (25 dollars).. Benjamin Lignel
Brooch: Raise (10 dollars), 2019
Steel, gold, acetate, paint.
Ø 5.6 cm
Raise (10 dollars). Won by raffle number 311.
Raise (25 dollars).

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Gijs Bakker. Object: Fan, 1992. Polypropylene, textile.. Won by raffle number 205.. Gijs Bakker
Object: Fan, 1992
Polypropylene, textile.
Won by raffle number 205.

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A signed copy of On Jewellery by Liesbeth den Besten..
A signed copy of On Jewellery by Liesbeth den Besten.

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Ted Noten. Ring: Miss Piggy, 2009. 3D printed nylon with glass fibre.. Won by raffle number 453.. Ted Noten
Ring: Miss Piggy, 2009
3D printed nylon with glass fibre.
Won by raffle number 453.

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Ruudt Peters. Brooch: MA, 2017. Acrylic, graphite powder.. MA (small)
. MA (big). Won by raffle number 90.. Ruudt Peters
Brooch: MA, 2017
Acrylic, graphite powder.
MA (small)
MA (big). Won by raffle number 90.

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BLESS. Piece: Holiday Tshirt, 2019. Cotton. Won by raffle number 297.​. BLESS
Piece: Holiday Tshirt, 2019
Won by raffle number 297.​

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BLESS. Piece: N°49, 2019. Brass. Price charm.. BLESS
Piece: N°49, 2019
Price charm.

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Silvia Faggiani. Ring: Come With Me, 2018. Silver. Won by raffle number 134.. Silvia Faggiani
Ring: Come With Me, 2018
Won by raffle number 134.

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Seline Durrer. Piece: Foot-washing ritual, 2019. Experience​. Seline Durrer
Piece: Foot-washing ritual, 2019

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Ting Gong. Necklace: Lucky Chocky, 2019. Brass. Ting Gong
Necklace: Lucky Chocky, 2019
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Joanne Vosloo. Necklace: Add on neck, 2019. Textile. From series: Small Sketch. Won by raffle number 23.. Joanne Vosloo
Necklace: Add on neck, 2019
From series: Small Sketch
Won by raffle number 23.

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Gabriella Goldsmith. Pin: Blow Me, 2018. Silver, glass jar, soap water.. From series: Blow Me. Won by raffle number 324.. Gabriella Goldsmith
Pin: Blow Me, 2018
Silver, glass jar, soap water.
From series: Blow Me
Won by raffle number 324.

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Marek Mrowiński. Necklace: Coin Chain, 2019. One euro coins.. Marek Mrowiński
Necklace: Coin Chain, 2019
One euro coins.
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Morgane de Klerk. Brooch: Label, 2019. Textile, magnet.. Morgane de Klerk
Brooch: Label, 2019
Textile, magnet.
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Marilyn Volkman. Veronika Fabian. Pin: This is not a border, but a sliver of infinity, 2019. Steel. Marilyn Volkman
Veronika Fabian
Pin: This is not a border, but a sliver of infinity, 2019
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Veronika Fabian. Brooch: Lucky, 2019. Oxidized silver.. Won by raffle number 443.. Veronika Fabian
Brooch: Lucky, 2019
Oxidized silver.
Won by raffle number 443.

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Eva Van Kempen. Bangle: mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun, 2019. Expired contraceptive pills, PVC film, artificial leather, silver.. Eva Van Kempen
Bangle: mon/tue/wed/thu/fri/sat/sun, 2019
Expired contraceptive pills, PVC film, artificial leather, silver.
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Margaret Munchheimer. Ring: 3 hours and a ring, 2019. Workshop and gesture.
. Won by raffle number 221.. Margaret Munchheimer
Ring: 3 hours and a ring, 2019
Workshop and gesture.
Won by raffle number 221.

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