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Trash for FuckYeah!

Meeting  /  08 Nov 2017  -  12 Nov 2017
Published: 03.11.2017
Cédric Chevalley. Brooch: Television 3265, 2017. Skateboard wood, rubber, steel wires, magnets.. 10 X 8 X 2 cm. Photo by: Cédric Chevalley. From series: FuckYeah! brooches. Cédric Chevalley
Brooch: Television 3265, 2017
Skateboard wood, rubber, steel wires, magnets.
10 X 8 X 2 cm
Photo by: Cédric Chevalley
From series: FuckYeah! brooches
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Cédric Chevalley will make a live performance on weekend during the show, transforming your old skateboard into a piece of jewelry.