Open Call for Personal Narrative Spaces. International Juried Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition and Competition

Open call  /  30 Apr 2024  -  03 Jul 2024
Published: 03.05.2024
Open Call for Personal Narrative Spaces. International Juried Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition and Competition.
Györgyi Mátyók
DEADLINE: 03/07/2024

Only correctly and accurately completed applications will be considered by the Jury.
The online application form includes the following:
  • Curriculum vitae, 800 characters.
  • A detailed description of the jewelry, including elements and pieces of the collection.
  • Object Concept: A proposal detailing the designer’s concept, including how personal narrative influences their design approach. 1000 characters.
  • Photos: 3 views per item, the shorter side of the image must be at least 1080 pixels long – 300 dpi, on a clear, white background.
  • Details of the jewelry: materials used, year of creation, dimensions, weight.
  • Author declaration.


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The call is open to all contemporary jewelry designers and artists, jewellers, collectives, schools, and galleries from Hungary and abroad, regardless of age, education, and experience.
Theme: Personal Narrative Spaces

Our past determines the present, and that history is key to our future. The genre of narrative jewelry is a perfect vehicle to explore topics of personal interest, whether profound or novel, creating new perspectives and approaches.
The challenge for participants is to communicate their past or current experiences, their journeys and research, and generate wearable objects, which provoke, surprise and/or entertain the viewer.

/ Dr. Jack Cunningham

At the core of this subject, lies a fundamental question: 
How does your personal story inform your approach to jewelry design, and how can it catalyse creative exploration and innovation?

The ‘time’ in the life of the maker in which it has been created, and the ‘space’ the piece occupies in the life of the wearer in the telling of its story, are referred to as narrative space by Paul Cobley.

Feel welcome to creatively reflect on your journeys, drawing inspiration from your memories, cultural backgrounds, personal beliefs, and also push the boundaries of what is possible in contemporary design.

Mission Statement:
Jewelry offers us a language we can use to tell the world who we are, what we stand for, or who we would like to be. And we can use jewelry to actively set ourselves apart from the masses, thus emphasizing our individuality.
/ Joruun Veiteberg

Let's imagine a project where our personal narratives intersect with the present in an artistic endeavour. Here, our journeys and our rich cultural background blend. This project merges timeless memories with the vibrant world of modern art, creating a collage that showcases the diversity and richness of our world.

Our goal is to cultivate new values and synergies that forge a deeper connection between our lives and contemporary art.
We aim to launch an International Narrative Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition with a primary focus on the impact of a fresh, modern perspective on contemporary jewelry design and execution to our attendees.

A key objective of the exhibition is to highlight the aspect of contemporary jewelry creation that seamlessly integrates creativity and the expectations of modern design with practical wearability. To achieve this, we emphasise the establishment of a deep yet expansive connection between the pieces and the audience, bridging apparent contradictions.

The goal of the exhibition is to convey a personal message embedded in the artworks in a permeating yet accessible manner, creating a more harmonious communication space between the makers, the creations, and the viewers.

Members of the Jury:
  • Dr. Jack Cunningham, Emeritus Professor.
  • Carlo Lucidi, artist, curator, gallerist, Rome, Carlo Lucidi Gallery.
  • Magdalena Vélez Salinas, President, Co-Founder AdOC Contemporary Goldsmith and Jewelers Association, Madrid.
  • Katalin Jermakov, Noémi Ferenczy award winner jewelry designer, Mana Design Studio.
  • István Simonyi, art historian, writer, jewellery collector.
  • Balázs Bajcsi-Nagy, goldsmith, artist, designer, member of the Board of the National Association of Precious Metalworkers & Related Trade, and professional curator of the Goldsmith Craft History Collection.
Competition Categories:
  1. Creative Jewelry, the most captivating solution.
  2. Innovative Jewelry.
  3. Audience Award.

Awards for Categories 1,2:
  • Emblematic Commemorative Trophy.
  • For the winner of “Creative Jewelry”: Solo exhibition opportunities: Carlo Lucidi Gallery Rome.
  • For the winner of “ Innovative Jewelry”: One piece of jewelry exhibition possibility in a well-known international jewelry exhibition, by a network partner of Frangipani Studio & Gallery.
  • Media appearance, personal report.
  • 500 Euro value: Tools or Silver Purchase Voucher.
Audience Award:
  • Emblematic Commemorative Trophy.
  • Expert guided tour for a group of max. 10 people in the Goldsmith Craft History Collection Budapest. Guide. Balázs Bajcsy-Nagy, professional curator.
  • Personal exhibition possibility at Frangipani Studio & Gallery, Hungary.
  • Creating a short video and visual summary of the winning artworks in the audience category by the organizers' professional media team in 250 Euro value.
The Jury reserves the right to distribute the prizes differently.
The Organizer reserves the right to change the above prize list for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control.

Places & dates for the exhibition:
31st August – 13th October.
Hungary, Szentendre, Ferenczy Museum Centrum, ArtMill.
The Old Artist Colony in Szentendre and Hybridart Space Gallery, Budapest.

- The postage of the selected jewellery to and from the exhibition is the responsibility and cost of the applicant.
- The Organizer is not responsible for any damage caused during transport.
- One-time contribution fee of 100 Euro from the authors, selected by the Jury, to be paid by July 17th, 2024, which provides the opportunity for:
  • Participation in the international contemporary jewelry exhibitions curated by a professional Jury: 31st August – 13th October, Hungary, Szentendre, Ferenczy Museum Centrum, ArtMill, The Old Artist Colony in Szentendre and then Hybridart Space Gallery, Budapest.
  • Participation in a professionally guided – by Jury expert members - design group workshop on the second day of the exhibition, Sunday 9-12 h, at ArtMill. More details: Conference menu.
  • Participation in the exclusive opening ceremony (Friday).
  • Electronic copy of photo album/videos from the exhibition (1 page per artist).
  • One copy of the electronic summary publication of the Conference. (More details at the website)
  • 25 % discount on the Conference ticket price.
  • Participation in the competition of the exhibition in the three categories, with separate awards.
  • Introduction of the jewelry/artist on the event's social media platforms.
  • Free guided tour, 1,5 hours, Szentendre, Sunday.
  • 20 % discount on contribution fee, for members of NEKSZOE and FISE, up to 20 participants. (More details at the website)

We encourage you to explore the boundless potential of personal storytelling and create jewelry, that resonates with profound, authentic meaning.

>> More information and application here
The ArtMill, exhibiton venue.
The ArtMill, exhibiton venue

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The Művészet-Malom at Szentendre, exhibition venue..
The Művészet-Malom at Szentendre, exhibition venue.

© By the author. Read Copyright.