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3 Day Workshops by Gustavo Paradiso

Workshop  /  Making   Technics  /  10 Sep 2016  -  17 Sep 2016
Published: 25.08.2016

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London Stratford Workshops is proud to announce the first jewellery workshops by visiting professional jeweller and teacher Gustavo Paradiso.
Cuttlefish Casting 
Using the dried bone of a cuttlefish this method involves the process of carving or embossing a form into the cuttlefish & using it to create a mold. Unlike other forms of casting this unique method adds the wavelike texture of the cuttlefish bone to the shape you create and the results are amazing. At the end of this class you will take home a unique piece of work which could be worn as jewellery or exhibited like a small sculpture.

This class covers 5 practical exercises which will help you learn the fundamental dynamics of this technique and understand the metal´s plasticity to create infinite complex forms with simple tools. Folding and forging sheet metal with a hammer this method create arches, waves or spirals, which when opened form three-dimensional organic objects that can be used in jewellery making or simply to make beautiful objects. Exercises include, a bracelet, earrings, flowers, leaves and other organic forms. Fold forming is useful for jewellers and enthusiasts and each student should be able to continue to play with this fantastic technique after the class as the fold forming hammer is included in the price of the workshop!

Wax Carving 
This workshop will give you the know how for carving and creating unique forms in wax for the purpose of making one off designs that can be taken to a casters to make in your preferred choice of metals. Wax carving is perfect for more complex designs which could otherwise not be achieved by working directly with metal.

Dates and price

Day 1: Cuttlefish casting - Saturday 10th September - 10am-4pm 
Day 2: Foldforming Sunday 11th September 10am - 4pm 
Day 3: Wax Carving - Saturday 17th September - 10am-4pm

Classes will  be £ 130 each & all three classes £ 380.


Cuttlefish bone, Brass, tools, carving wax, sheet copper and hammer are included in the price.
No previous experience is required, which means this course is suited to both jewellers and enthusiasts. Its therefore a great activity for you or as a present for a friend.