Jorge Manilla and Tanel Veenre: FaceBack Workshop

Workshop  /  09 Aug 2013  -  11 Aug 2013
Published: 25.10.2013
Jorge Manilla and Tanel Veenre: FaceBack Workshop.
Nueve25 Plata Studio
Querétaro No 97
06700 -  Mexico City
Maca Sotelo
DEADLINE: 30/06/2013

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The Otro Diseño Foundation, Otro Diseño México, Walka Studio Chile, NovaJoia Brazil and Nueve25 Plata Studio are pleased to invite you to the third edition of the Traveling Workshop program.
FaceBack consists on an intensive three-day workshop dictated by Mexican artist Jorge Manilla and Estonial Jeweller Tanel Veenre, aimed at jewellery, fashion or industrial designers, visual artists, photographers and architects who either work professionally or are in the last year of their studies and who desire to work on conceptual assignments using jewellery as a media. 

The workshop will be based on the study, conceptualization and execution of a jewel which considerates the facade and backside as equally relevant players on the narrative of the piece. The object will be the result of careful analisis and discussion on topics such as Public and Private, Show-off and Hide, Tradition and Invention. FaceBack seeks to provide the participants with a more liberal approach to jewellery-making and with an understanding of its relation with other creative disciplines. The workshop focus strongly on the development of conceptual thinking and the encouragement of experimentation, combining this with the techinical habilities of the participants.

At the end of the workshop the participants will have created a piece of conceptual jewellery. They will have gained a wider understanding on conceptual of contemporary jewellery and sharpened their hability to evaluate and critique tehir own work. 

Workshop participants
Profile: professional and last year students or pos-graduate students on the fields of jewellery, fashion and industrial design, visual arts, photography and architecture with an interest in contemporary jewellery as a medium are welcome to take part in this woprkshop.

Participants muts have well developed skills for the production of jewellery, sculpture, textiles, objects or photography.

Participants must understand and speak English fluently.

Previous to the workshop: the participants are requested to think about the subject of the workshop, reflecting on their own notions on contemporary jewelery and the meanings the wish to convey in their work. The participants will think about the materials they want to use. They will be challenged to combine organic (wood, bone, wool, leather, hair, nails, fibers, etc) and inorganic (metal, plastic) materials.

Materials and tools: participants must bring their basic jewelleler box, a sketckbook and a digital camera.

The participants are invited to collect and take to the workshop all kind of organic and inorganic materials they wish to apply to this particular project. Silver, cooper and/or gold may be brought along in their different formats (grain, sheet, wire) depending on the participant’s ideas. The participants are welcome to contact the tutors if they have any question regarding this matter.

For more information, please contact Maca Sotelo, 

Dates and price

Aimed at
Professional and last year students on the fields of jewellery, fashion and industrial design, visual arts, photography and architecture with an interest in contemporary jewellery as a medium 

From Friday 9th to Sunday 11th August, 2013
24 hours in 3 days 

Spanish and English 

Registration fee
$ 400 USD 

Deadline for Registration
June 30th 2013

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Faceback: a travelling workshop by Jorge Manilla and Tanel Veenre
The Workshop
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