AGC: Summer workshops

Workshop  /  31 Jul 2011  -  31 Aug 2011
Published: 01.03.2011
AGC: Summer workshops.
Museo del Bijou
Patrizia Bonati
DEADLINE: 15/06/2011

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The project consists of nine courses that provide a technical and professional approach for those operating in the contemporary jewellery field. Courses will be held at the Museo del Bijou (Museum of Costume Jewellery) of Casalmaggiore in the province of Cremona.
The project consists of nine courses that provide a technical and professional approach for those operating in the contemporary jewellery field. Courses will be held at the Museo del Bijou (Museum of Costume Jewellery) of Casalmaggiore in the province of Cremona. The project is promoted by the agc, the Italian Contemporary Jewellery Association (, the Museo del Bijou in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) and the Municipality of Casalmaggiore


The lessons will be held in July-August 2011. The courses provide both theoretical and practical skills lessons in a workshop environment. Seminars are focused on formal research and the refining of technical skills. Each lesson will deepen a specific subject. 

All the lessons will take place on the Museum's premises. Participants will be able to make use of the workshop and the equipment provided by the organization. There will be a maximum of six to eight participants for each course. Courses have been prepared for jewellers, teachers, and professionals in mind. The total subscription amount includes the final exhibition and the catalogue. The catalogue images will be made by the photography course students.

Participants must fill in the subscription form, make payment and send a receipt of payment and a copy of an identity document to the project manager Patrizia Bonati, Via Sicardo 12b - 26100 Cremona, Italy.
agc members will qualify for a 10% discount on the total cost.

At the end of the courses, in October 2011, an international round table will take place in Casalmaggiore, addressed to jewellery professionals. 

For the occasion all works made by course participants will be displayed, as well as a pertinent object made by the lecturer of each course. There will also be an exhibition of works produced by agc members selected by a prominent figure within the world of contemporary gold craft and not associated with the agc. The exhibition will take place at the Museo del Bijou for the period of one month.

A documentary of the project will be made that will be available for view on the association’s website.

The objects created during the courses will be held at the disposition of the organization in order to prepare the catalogue and exhibition. At the end of the exhibition and no later than November 30, 2011, the objects will be returned to the participants by mail.

Each participant will receive a participation certificate at the end of the course.

Nine study grants will be awarded to students of Italian schools specialized in goldsmithing and contemporary jewellery. Winners will participate in the agc courses free of charge. Transportation, room and board are not included. Candidates are to be selected and presented by each school. Grants will be awarded by the agc based on the work and curriculum of each candidate. All decisions are final.


AGC, the Italian Contemporary Jewellery Association, is a non-profit organization that has as a statutory objective the re-evaluation and diffusion of the culture of the contemporary jewel through exhibitions, seminars, conventions, conferences and workshops.
The contemporary jewel represents today a sector of advanced research, the experimentation of new expressive languages and the re-valorisation of the concept of personal ornament.

In close contact with the international community, the association has carried ahead a series of initiatives to promote a constructive and synergetic confrontation with other artistic and industrial realities. Our scope is to develop and re-qualify in Italy a sector that offers an opportunity of research, development and growth for our society.
The association welcomes individuals of different professional backgrounds: designers, artisans, artists, gallerists, critics, reporters, collectors, teachers- in short, all those who are interested in the theme and problematics of the contemporary jewel.

The activity, the projects and services of the agc may be consulted on line on the association’s site, One may find there information, reviews and commentary on shows, events, books as well as announcements of competitions in the field. The site has a monthly media of 6,000 visitors for a total of 72,000 annual. One may find an up to date panorama of everything that is happening in the world of contemporary jewellery. As of last year the association publishes a quarterly on line magazine, “Il giornale agc,” that offers a platform for reflection, interviews, photos, comments and opinions by members and friends of the contemporary jewel: an in depth analysis of news and a pause for reflection for agc surfers.

The Museo del Bijou of Casalmaggiore was founded in 1986. Ten years later it was set up in the basement of the ex- College of Santa Croce, a building purposely renovated that was constructed by the Barnabiti  fathers around the second-half of 18th century. 

The collections are exhibited in an area of 400 square metres, divided into three sections (the collection, the archives and technology). 

The collection consists of more than 20,000 pieces produced by the industries in Casalmaggiore between the end of the 19th century and 1970. Alongside the traditional pieces of costume jewellery (brooches, cufflinks, bracelets, belts, earrings, pendants) powder-cases, lipstick holders, cigarette cases, sunglasses, devotional medals and badges may be admired. Adjacent to the Museum is an educational workshop equipped for the casting of metals, welding and gilding.

The costume jewellery industry in Casalmaggiore started in a small workshop by the initiative of the pioneer and teacher Giulio Galluzzi (b. Codogno 1855 - d. Casalmaggiore 1932), who moved to Casalmaggiore in 1878. In 1882 he produced his first gold plated metal sheet.
As a consequence of this successful experience, an important and flourishing enterprise was set up in 1887, which exported its products to Latin America under the brand name "G.G."

At the end of 1920's, Giulio Galluzzi's firm, the Federal Society of Jewellers, founded in 1905, and the firm “Il Placcato”, in business since 1920, merged to form a new company, the United Gold Plated Production Ltd.


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