Alchemic Experiences: How an idea can become a jewel

Workshop  /  29 Mar 2009  -  02 Apr 2009
Published: 23.03.2009
Alchemic Experiences: How an idea can become a jewel.
Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art
12 Anna Frank street
52526 -  Ramat Gan
Lucia Massei Doris Maninger
Rudee Tancharoen. Brooch: Untitled. Rudee, TancharoenBrooch: Untitled. Rudee Tancharoen
Brooch: Untitled

Rudee, Tancharoen
Brooch: Untitled

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Alchimia will be giving three workshops, one lecture and one exhibition, in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design at Israel.

Workshop 1
Residue as identity

This workshops aims to arise serious reflection on contemporary jewelry, its symbolic meanings and social function, its materials, its relationship to; the Fine Arts, the exhibition space (body), and the wearer (soul)
We want to induce a dialogue on the role of jewelry today and on the materials commonly considered scrap or better residue. Confronting the ‘most precious of the Arts’ with materials we leave behind us as waste, we want to arouse a different awareness on what is abandoned and on the possible creation of something ’New’ in a formal as mental point of view.
Creation, observation, reflection, discussion to create a jewel, a new preciousness dressing first our psyche and then our body.

The workshop will be lead by Doris Maninger, applied artist, co-founder of the school Alchimia and president of the association ‘Opera Rebis’
duration: five days, 30 hours
maximum number of students: 12

Workshop 2
The five senses

The first acquisition of knowledge of the world is its perception through the five senses.
With mouth, skin, ear, eye and nose we learn to recognize by instinct what we like and what we don’t like, only much later we find out why.
The experimentation with various materials can help us to discover the esthetic qualities that interest us. The nature of the material itself suggests its use in order to exalt its esthetic and structural qualities.
The aim of the workshop is the creation of jewel, resulting from an individual research on technique, emotion.
A creative passageway from the senses to a jewel.

The workshop is lead by Lucia Massei, jewelry artist, co-founder of Alchimia
duration: 5 days, 30 hours
maximum number of students:12

Workshop 3
Florentine fretwork

This workshop, for advanced students, will demonstrate and teach the Florentine fretwork, a technique that has its origin in the ‘Opus Interassile’, a manufacturing process used in antique Rome.

The workshop is lead by Orsetta Andreotti, goldsmith, teacher at Alchimia
duration: 5 days, 30 hours
maximum number of students: 10

Manfred Bischoff. Brooch: 'pleh! pleh!'. Manfred, BischoffBrooch: 'pleh! pleh!'. Manfred Bischoff
Brooch: "pleh! pleh!"

Manfred, Bischoff
Brooch: "pleh! pleh!"

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Lucia Massei. Bracelet: Arithmia. Lucia, MasseiBracelet: Arithmia. Lucia Massei
Bracelet: Arithmia

Lucia, Massei
Bracelet: Arithmia

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Marzia Rossi. Brooch: Stanze. Marzia, RossiBrooch: Stanze. Marzia Rossi
Brooch: Stanze

Marzia, Rossi
Brooch: Stanze

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Yu-Chun Chen. Brooch: Warmth within. Yu-Chun, ChenBrooch: Warmth within. Yu-Chun Chen
Brooch: Warmth within

Yu-Chun, Chen
Brooch: Warmth within

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Yoko Shimizu. Bracelet: Untitled. Yoko, ShimizuBracelet: Untitled. Yoko Shimizu
Bracelet: Untitled

Yoko, Shimizu
Bracelet: Untitled

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