Goldmuseum Taipei - Metal Crafts Competition 2018.

Assembling ideas and techniques by Xavier Monclús

Workshop  /  12 Dec 2016  -  15 Dec 2016
Published: 14.12.2016

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This workshop intends students to develop jewels from Found objects, images and other diverse materials. This workshop is not a technical workshop but the technique is at the service of ideas.

We will encourage students creativity and explain how to fix and integrate these materials and objects with the traditional jewelry techniques.

We will also explain how you can create metal textures and how to work with materials such as plastics and wood.
We will propose the students to design a free piece such as a brooch, pendant, ring, object, etc ..

We want them to use the traditional techniques of jewelery and learn technical solutions to integrate these new materials and ensembles into the pieces they create.