Attire by Anna Rikkinen at KORU 7

Workshop  /  CriticalThinking   Making  /  26 Oct 2021  -  28 Oct 2021
Published: 26.04.2021
Attire by Anna Rikkinen at KORU 7.
LAB University of Applied Sciences
The Finnish Jewellery Art Association
DEADLINE: 26/08/2021

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KORU workshops have always been wonderful places to get fascinated, to learn and to meet people. International teachers have guided beginners and professionals alike through intensive workshop days.
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The first known use of attire was in the 13th century. Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French atirer to equip, prepare, attire, from a- (from Latin ad-) + tire order, rank, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English tīr glory, ornament.‍

Does jewellery need the body to exist? Do your need to wear it so that it can be called jewellery? When worn, how does it feel?
Objects that are worn are things that accompany us and become part of our habitus. Emotions take place in the body and leave lasting effects on the body. In this workshop, you discover fine-tune and connect with your body and the surrounding space. This workshop is about the expanded field of contemporary jewellery. We will dwell in the world of body-related objects, historical clothing, and other forms of decoration.

Place: LAB University of Applied Sciences, Fine Art department, Lappeenranta (FI).
Workshop participation 350 €.
For students and members of the Finnish Jewellery Art Association 200 €.
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About Anna Rikkinen:
Raised in an aesthetical village milieu and educated in the decorative arts, Finnish jewelry artist  Anna Rikkinen creates works that draw influence from sources including African apparel, 17th -18th-century portraiture, historical fashion, and interior ornaments. Creating
body-related objects and installations, Anna Rikkinen plays with the language of volume and space to evoke the body by mixing jewelers techniques and versatile materials including, wood, glass, textile, and ready-made objects. Anna received her training at Lappeenranta Polytechnic and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, graduating in 2004. She currently lives and works in Lahti, Finland.
Anna Rikkinen. Photo by Markus Hentonen..
Anna Rikkinen. Photo by Markus Hentonen.

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