Autobiography of a Jewelry Artist: the Writing Experience by Ana Passos

Workshop  /  OnLineCourse   OnlineOnly   CriticalThinking  /  10 Mar 2021  -  31 Mar 2021
Published: 10.02.2021

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Galeria Alice Floriano and Ana Passos invite jewelry artists to explore their own work and experience to help to build a comprehensive and powerful narrative about their jewelry. The workshop is aimed at those at any point in their careers who feel the need to step back, get some perspective and learn how to communicate their artistic work to others.
To what extent are we able to outline a narrative that constantly investigates the meaning of our work to make it increasingly relevant and approachable? We live immersed in our demanding and fast temporality, having difficulties elaborating a speech about our experience and its results, but who better than ourselves to present them to the world?

Memory, identity, self-writing, artist’s archives, and curatorial statements will be discussed. The main objective is to stimulate autobiographical exercise in the jewelry studio and in life as a means of achieving an empowering reflection on relevance as well as a sensitive communication of one’s own body of work.

Where: Zoom.
Dates: 4 meetings on Wednesday, 10, 17, 24, and 31 Mar, from 8 pm - 10 pm (GTM-3).
Price: R$ 480,00.
Language: Portuguese.

About Ana Passos
She is an independent Brazilian jewelry artist, researcher, and writer. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Education, Art, and History of Culture at Mackenzie University. Her research focuses on the relation of jewelry with memory, affection, and identity. She holds a master’s degree in Social Memory and Documentation from UNIRIO. Literature and history are constant influences on her work. She is the author of The Jewelry of Reny Golcman (2015) and Jewelry in Bahia from the 18th and 19th centuries (2017), with the photographer José Terra. She currently lives in São Paulo.
Earrings by Aiseguk Telli and ring by Nina Lima worn by Monica Maligo. Ring by Laura Forte worn by Leonardo Tatsch..
Earrings by Aiseguk Telli and ring by Nina Lima worn by Monica Maligo. Ring by Laura Forte worn by Leonardo Tatsch.

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