The Big Bang and You by Marc Monzó

Workshop  /  Making   ProfessionalPractice   CriticalThinking   Research  /  01 Aug 2016  -  20 Aug 2016
Published: 05.04.2016
The Big Bang and You by Marc Monzó.
Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
DEADLINE: 01/08/2016

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In this jewellery design course we will take the Big Bang theory as the starting-point for our own visions, to be materialised in various (jewellery) objects.
The Big Bang refers to the origin of the universe. According to this theory, matter, space and time are compressed in a single point of infinite density, which expands in all directions, producing what we know as our universe. The current level of knowledge is that everything that exists - including ourselves - is a fragment of the unity which exploded, and which had somehow always been there.
Participants' work should express their own relation to the beginning of the universe. Particular attention will be paid to fine-tuning certain jewellery-making techniques which will enable participants to convey their message precisely. Individual advice will be given, and ideas exchanged in group discussions.

The works produced will be exhibited at the end of the course. The aim is to hone and expand students' individual expressive plastic talent by considering the Big Bang.

About the Artist:
Marc Monzó is based in Barcelona (ES), where he was born in 1973. He studied at the Escola Massana in Barcelona from 1992 to 1997. Besides developing his own jewellery work, the renowned Catalan jewellery artist designs commissioned work for organisations, brands and others. His work is internationally exhibited in galleries and museums. Marc Monzó’s self-reflexive minimalistic jewellery is about material and about the nature of objects themselves. His intention is to search for essential forms and to invite people to complete his unpretentious jewellery through their individual use. The emphasis is on the process and the aesthetics of what is not yet finished.

The craft provides a base. Jewels are the tool, the larger project lies in the attempt to understand. Pieces appear according to the most immediate needs, which turn the manipulated matter into a map of reality. / Marc Monzó


Marc Monzó, Andrea Durianová


Dates: 01 to 20 August 2016
Price: 950 € (reduced price for students 710 €).
Medium: Jewellery design
Languages: English, Spanish
Maximum number of participants: 12
What to bring: Basic goldsmith's tools (pliers, files, drill, saw and blades) if available, drawing materials, laptop, camera
Requirements: Basic knowledge of jewellery-making techniques
Marc Monzó. Ring: Blank, 2015. 18k gold.. Marc Monzó
Ring: Blank, 2015
18k gold.
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