Blushing Metals by Adi Toch

Workshop  /  22 Apr 2023  -  23 Apr 2023
Published: 03.02.2023

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Colour is an important part of the sensuous world and affects our perception and our emotional response. Metals are extremely responsive to the environment and have an exciting colouring potential. However, many of the formulas traditionally used for patination are highly toxic.
In this unique two-day workshop, you will be introduced to non-toxic, surprising and accessible recipes for patinating and colouring different metals. We will focus on the relationship between metal and food and use foodstuffs and locally sourced products in our experiments.
Participants will produce an archive of samples and documented tests that they could implement in their own work. No prior knowledge in jewellery or metal is required although some experience could be advantageous.

Dates: 22nd – 23rd April 2023. Sat-Sun: 10-13 h & 14-17 h.
Price: 550 €
Deposit to be paid to secure the place: 100 €

Teacher: Adi Toch
Adi Toch. Vessel: Variegated Whispering, 2019. Silver plated alloy, patinated.. Adi Toch
Vessel: Variegated Whispering, 2019
Silver plated alloy, patinated.
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