The body and more with Johanna Dahm

Workshop  /  Making   CriticalThinking   Research  /  09 Nov 2018  -  11 Nov 2018
Published: 10.04.2018
The body and more with Johanna Dahm.
Johanna Neeser
DEADLINE: 27/10/2018
Work by Johanna Dahm..
Work by Johanna Dahm.

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Unexpected connections between the body and jewellery.
Not the traditional goldsmith thinking, but a free experimental, in all dimensions, playful searching for unknown possibilities to adorn the body. 
The body will be the starting point for our research, going on to its needs, its emotions, its fantasies and limitations – and perhaps even more. A possibility to playfully step into the unusual, discover (your) hidden boundaries and your dormant ideas.
In regular intervals, we will sit together and discuss the forth come of the work. We will reflect on what is there and investigate on which step could be taken next. Nevertheless, it is all up to the individual student to find his or her own expression. It may be a silent delicate-, a performative-, a body environmental-, a conceptual-, a virtual, a decorative or a teeny-weeny - piece.
Contemporary jewellery has long left traditional strict definitions. In these three days, I would like to stimulate a wider view or approach to what “jewellery” can also be and especially what it can do to you! 

Johanna Dahm
Johanna Dahm grew up in South Africa. She searches for an alternative definition of jewellery with light and shade reflections on the skin, unusual techniques (Ashanti casting, machine guns). She carried out fieldwork in West Africa and East India and worked as a tenured professor at the University of Design in Pforzheim and at the International Summeracademy in Salzburg for many years. She lives and works in Zürich and Intragna, Tessin, where she owns her own studio. 


Johanna Dahm

Dates and price

Fri        09.11.2018    16–21 h
Sat      10.11.2018    11–19 h
Sun     11.11.2018    10–17 h

Workshop fees: CHF 500 
Students are entitled to a 10% discount. The same discount is offered if more than one workshop is booked. 
Course material is included in the cost. Metal is charged separately. Tools are available. ​
Advance payment: Half of the workshop fee. ​
Participants: Maximum 8.
Course languages: German and English.
Subscription: Up to two weeks before the workshop begins. 
You will receive detailed information before the workshop begins. 
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Work by Johanna Dahm..
Work by Johanna Dahm.

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Portrait picture Johanna Dahm..
Portrait picture Johanna Dahm.

© By the author. Read Copyright.