Casting. Iconoc(l)ast with Peter Vermandere

Workshop  /  Making   Technics  /  19 Aug 2019  -  23 Aug 2019
Published: 20.04.2019
Casting. Iconoc(l)ast with Peter Vermandere.
Hochschule Trier
Vollmersbachstraße 53a
55743 -  Idar Oberstein
Tabea Reulecke
DEADLINE: 04/08/2019

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The workshop will give you an introduction to experiment with metal casting in a variety of ways. 
We will explore different ways of molding and casting by carving directly into molds of stone, rubber and plaster to give different results. We will use these same molds and models for further development through sand casting and lost wax casting. Starting from a single personal inspirational point we will look at how our ideas will be transformed and altered by the techniques we use.

From the basic to advanced casting - Insignia for everyday life.

Course details:
Date: 19th of August - 23rd of August | duration: 5 days, 35 hrs.
Participants: min. 6 / max. 12.
Language: English, German and Flemish.
Extra costs for material: 50 €
Workshop materials and tools supplied by ISA: materials: pewter, aluminium, bronze, alpaca, brass, wax modeling tools.
Workshop materials and tools supplied by the participant: basic jewellery tools like saw, plyers, files, drills in different sizes; materials: silver (optional).

1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €*)
2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €*)
*exception: CUT, GRIND, POLISH with Alexander Friedrich

The workshop fee covers the cost of:
- Participation in a course with instruction by a qualified artist.
- Use of studio and equipment during class hours.
- Attendance at various in-house events organised by the International Summer Academy 2018.

It does not cover the cost of necessary materials or excursions, travel or accommodation costs.

After registration you will receive 3 e-mails:
- Confirmation of your online-registration (please check your issued data)
- Your invoice (within 14 days) and details of our bank account - payment is due within 2 weeks     after the date of the invoice (in case of delayed payment, your reserved place will go to the next applicant)
- After payment of the invoice, your reservation will be confirmed (within 14 days).

Courses may be booked only for their full duration.

In case of cancellation by the applicant:
- must be within more than 28 days before the beginning of the workshop, 30 percent of the workshop fee will be retained to cover processing costs. A refund of the course fee is possible only in cases of proven emergency* (illness, accident, death in the family). 

After a course has begun there is no refund.
* In cases of force majeure, cancellation should be notified immediately, with written proof of the reasons for cancellation. Other reasons (dissatisfaction, programme changes) do not entitle a refund.

The International Summer Academy 2019 is not liable for accidents, theft or any kind of damage which take place during the course. The participant is advised to provide personal health, travel and liability insurance.

Security measures:
Applicants must be aware that allergenic substances, such as oil-paints may be used in classes. Every attendant must be responsible for their own health needs.
Entrance to the International Summer Academy premises is restricted to participants, teachers and members of ISA staff. Other visitors have access to classes only after checking in at the office and must be accompanied by ISA staff. Exceptions to having visitors are during the open-house presentations.
Work by Peter Vermandere, teacher of the icono©last workshop..
Work by Peter Vermandere, teacher of the icono©last workshop.

© By the author. Read Copyright.