Casting Out of the Box by Jim Cotter

Workshop  /  27 Jul 2015  -  31 Jul 2015
Published: 28.01.2015
Casting Out of the Box by Jim Cotter.
Anderson Ranch Arts Center
Nancy Wilhelms
DEADLINE: 27/06/2015
Jim Cotter. Spoon: Holy Mackerel. Bronze. Jim Cotter
Spoon: Holy Mackerel
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A 5-day workshop by contemporary jeweller Jim Cotter at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Casting Out of the Box Workshop focuses on developing patterns for investment casting and metal finishing. The workshop is open to all participants.
Jim Cotter is the master of combing popular culture and everyday flotsam to create modern jewelry. Using model car and airplane kits, students are introduced to casting techniques while making their own creative jewelry pieces. During the class, students construct small, intricate pieces in bronze, sterling silver, and aluminum using both vacuum and centrifugal casting.

Media & Techniques
Students learn model making, wax working, spruing, investing, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting and finishing. We work with plastic and Styrofoam model parts, wax, sterling silver or bronze and aluminum. We cover as much as we can in a one-week period.

We learn through instructor demonstrations that further the development of concepts and facilitate a better understanding of pattern generation and the casting process. The workshop focuses on developing patterns for investment casting and metal finishing. Generous studio time is emphasized.

Jim Cotter has been a pioneer of alternative materials since the 1970s, applying the use of casting in many ways by creating contemporary jewelry, hollowware and sculpture. Concrete has been a prominent material in Jim’s artistic work. Jim is a gallerist and jeweler living in Vail, CO.

Skill level 
Open to all  

About the sculpture department at Anderson Ranch Art Center
The sculpture program enables 3-D artists of all levels to open doors to new ideas, techniques and processes and further expand their work. The 2015 lineup of workshops covers a wide range of philosophies, methodologies, materials, and equipment. The renowned guest faculty works closely with you via critical discussions, material demonstrations and individual assistance. Exploration and experimentation are supported, with an emphasis on idea development, process and sound construction.
The 2,000-square-foot sculpture studio is a well-equipped steel-based shop, with essential metal and carpentry machinery, a full spectrum of tools, and a bronze casting foundry. It is split into a bench room and machine/tool room. An additional 1,500 square feet of outdoor workspace is also utilized.
New in 2015 is a CNC plasma cutter, and several workshops integrate digital technology. The blending of traditional and modern processes offers exciting new directions.
In every workshop, the Sculpture team creates an accessible, safe and supportive environment for skill building, experimentation, creation and the revelations that happen along the way. 

Dates and price

Workshop: 27-Jul-2015 - 31-Jul-2015
Workshop Registration: 02-Jan-2013 
Deadline for Registration: 27-Jul-2015 

Tuition:  $875
OR Tuition + Studio Support Donation: $1075
Studio Fee: $95

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