Re-writing your own script, focusing on your own evolution. Charon Kransen workshop at Joya 2018

Workshop  /  01 Oct 2018  -  02 Oct 2018
Published: 06.07.2018

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An intensive two-day workshop directed by Charon Kransen from Charon Kransen Arts.
Although addressing issues intimately connected to jewelers and jewelry making, students, as well professionals from all fields of Arts, Crafts and Design are eligible to attend.

The workshop will be an inner journey attempting to bring to light all pre-constructed beliefs and fears that block the evolution of individual makers both personally and professionally.

One of the most current issues for artists working in the field of contemporary jewelry, is the analysis of the effectiveness of their own work, to question themselves, trying to find their own way and to make their work unique. Charon Kransen will help us to focus our own evolution.

"The seminars are not about learning yet another technique, but will focus primarily on the aspect of the personal "script" and the re-writing of your real own "script".
In our field there is a very strong pull towards commercialism. The traditional commercial jewelry industry shows us mostly work which are copies of copies of copies of something that maybe at some point was an original idea/design. Work is made to cater to mainstream taste and demand. Jewelry artists are often pulled in that direction out of financial necessity, without understand the various other options of working in this field and for other markets

These issues often come from barriers deeply within ourselves; barriers which limit our personal growth and the discovery of our very own personal expression. In the seminar we address these issues through discussion and exercises. Only when somebody develops insights into why change is needed, we can actually begin to reverse thought patterns in the way we approach our work and that is exactly what this seminar is about


15 Limited places
Cost: 100 euros.
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