Christoph Zellweger: Points of No Return

Workshop  /  20 Jan 2011  -  25 Jan 2011
Published: 05.07.2011
Christoph Zellweger: Points of No Return.
Sint Lucas Antwerpen
Hilde De Decker
DEADLINE: 31/12/2010

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get going, take off, move on, push further, retreat. The workshop points of no return looks at various strategies suitable to deal with creative blockages and explores ways into personal processes and practical work. a point of no return defines a successful departure.
On January 20th 2011, contemporary jewellery artist and research professor Christoph Zellweger, teaching in Sheffield, UK and Zurich/ Luzern, Switzerland, arrived at St. Lucas Antwerp, jewelry design-goldsmithing department, to lead the 5 day workshop: “Points of no return”.

The intensity of the workshop was established straightaway, when Christoph Zellweger did not ask the ten participants for their name by means of introduction, but for a brief word about their relationship to jewelry. It immediately became clear how varied the group was, since it existed of SLA-students, part-time jewelers and professionals with different experiences.

Next, Christoph Zellweger wrote the word ‘PROCESS’ on a table-sized piece of paper. A brainstorming session started, and, because all participants were keen, the paper soon got filled with words and drawings. Now the piece of paper contained numerous ideas on how to handle several stages in ones’ work-process. In particular, the focus was on dealing with the stage that can be described as creative blockage. With simple time-pressured exercises, blockages were evoked and responses measured. It became obvious that a ‘healthy kind of blockage’ is needed to keep the workflow going.

With that covered and fresh in mind, the assignment to create a wordless business card, expressing who you are professionally, was given, to bring the brainstorming thoughts into practice. The size of the card was fixed, but all other options were completely open. All materials and machinery present in the St. Lucas Antwerp workshop were available for use. The participants had little time to reflect, so it was important to quickly explore the workspace and get physically active. After a few hours, the first evaluation took place; Christoph Zellweger and all group-members gave their perception on what was going on in each ‘card’. Needless to say this offered a great learning experience for each participant. Some researched different materials, while other group-members laid their focus on the shape of the card. The next days more talks were held, and the pieces became more intricate and elaborate. The overall design of the card was constantly being fine-tuned. Christoph Zellweger shared his valuable experiences, together with every participant. The workshop had the perfect atmosphere to exchange tips and tricks, a big part of why people had enrolled.

At the end of the workshop, St Lucas teachers Hilde De Decker, Hilde Van der Heyden en Pia Clauwaert experienced jewelry critics, and outsiders to the workshop- shared their thoughts and commented on each card. Everybody involved looked back on a successful workshop, with lots of new input on both a practical and cerebral level.

The final hour was spent snuggly in front of a laptop while Christoph Zellweger held an interesting talk about his own work. He also brought a piece that could be touched and worn. That was a great way to end this wonderful workshop, making the exchange complete.

- Broes van Itterson -

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Dates and price

Dates: Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Monday - Tuesday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Duration: 40 hours
Price: EUR 250 (not incl. Materials)
some experiments of the workshop .
some experiments of the workshop

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working together

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experiments of the workshop .
experiments of the workshop

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Claire Lavendhomme working.
Claire Lavendhomme working

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some experiments of participants

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christoph leading a group discussion

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