Claudia Betancourt: Ox horn. From Craft to Contemporary Jewelry

Workshop  /  07 Aug 2014  -  29 Aug 2014
Published: 30.07.2014
Claudia Betancourt: Ox horn. From Craft to Contemporary Jewelry.
WE WALKA Escuela
Thor Heyerdal 2105
DEADLINE: 05/08/2014

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A workshop that gives you the possibility to learn how to work the ox horn through traditional techniques. With 4 practical sessions the student will learn a set of introductory techniques and develop the ox horn along with jewelry or objects.
Ox horn: From Craft to Contemporary Jewelry (Level I)
The workshop "Ox horn: From Craft to Contemporary Jewelry (Level I)" promotes, strengthened and deepened over traditional techniques applied to the material ox horn as an infinite discipline to be applied both creative resources to design jewelry and to create portable object-art.

Through 4 practical sessions, designed for people with experience or basic knowledge of jewelry techniques, the student will learn a set of introductory techniques based mainly, though not exclusively, in depth techniques like sawing, drilling, pierced molecular characteristics of material, finishings, cold connectors and more. Those techniques will be developed along with jewelry or objects.

The workshop, based on studies and research on our craft heritage, will address the aforementioned techniques, which allow rich possibilities of creation and will have an emphasis on practice/hands-on.

Dates and price

Starting Date: Thursday 07 and Friday August 8
Ending Date:
Thursday 28 and Friday 29 August

Course Duration: 12h

4 sessions of 3 hours

Hours: 3 possibilities:
- Afternoons: Thursday 15:00 to 18:00
- Nights: Thursday 18:30 to 21:30
- Mornings: Friday 10:30 to 13:30

General Public: US $300

WE WALKA Escuela Students: US $260

* Materials included


About Claudia Betancourt
Jewelry Designer/Artist and Teacher WE WALKA Escuela. Consultant on issues of entrepreneurship and Craft + Design. Co-Founder of WALKA.

Claudia is the third generation of a family of artisans working ox horn. She learned through watching and experiencing, with many hours on hand-on work in her grandfather and father’s atelier since she was a child. She decided (after studying Literature and Business) to learn traditional jewelry techniques in order to generate greater chances for her jewelry horn pieces. After a local commercial success of its collections she took a trip to Melbourne-Australia to do and Self Funded Art Residency. At her return to Chile with his partner Nano Pulgar, they decided to open WE WALKA Escuela, where they teach everything they know about this beautiful craft: jewelry.

Claudia has exhibited in major galleries and museums around the world, including: the MAD Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Design Bienal Iberoamericana-Madrid, Contemporary Jewellery Biennial Beijing, Munich, Velvet Da Vinci Gallery USA, SOFA with Charon Kransen, New Adevtures in Jewellery.