Cold-link Brooch with Jean-Marc Waszack

Workshop  /  Technics   ProfessionalPractice  /  21 Oct 2019  -  25 Oct 2019
Published: 30.12.2019
L’Atelier Studio
Xiaojia Wang, Jean Marc Waszack
DEADLINE: 20/10/2019

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The goal of this workshop is to help students learn the secret of brooch making through the cold-link technique used in French fine jewelry.
By using the cold-link technique, different materials can be held together as a whole, while maintaining a clear structure composed of various layers. They become one, yet at the same time they are still independent of each other. This technique can bring out a rich artistic expression.

Since the exquisite craftsmanship will be wholly reflected in a tiny piece of jewelry, each move requires good control of head, heart and hands. There is nothing just so-so or almost the same in fine jewelry making.

With his pursuit of high quality for the fine jewelry, Mr Jean-Marc Waszack shows the secrets of brooch making to the students, combining creation with exquisite craftsmanship, to complete a high-quality piece of work.

This workshop is very important to me.
I accepted only 4 students because it's a good but difficult journey until they feel pleasure. I only want to share my experience of titanium and cold-link technique with them.
I feel very excited.
/ Jean-Marc Waszack

About the teacher:
Contemporary jewelry artist, Fine jewelry artisan, Art bladesmith, Curator.

Jean-Marc Waszack with students..
Jean-Marc Waszack with students.

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Students at the bench..
Students at the bench.

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Jean-Marc Waszack with students and L’Atelier Studio staff..
Jean-Marc Waszack with students and L’Atelier Studio staff.

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