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The Contemporary Jeweller's Bench 2017

Workshop  /  Making   Technics  /  24 Jul 2017  -  29 Jul 2017
Published: 02.07.2017
The Contemporary Jeweller's Bench 2017.
M. Cristina Bellucci Studio
Maria Cristina Bellucci, Arianna Pittini
DEADLINE: 24/07/2017

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This workshop intends to meet the participants’ specific requirements.  Each participant will have the chance to put into practice basic jewellery techniques and also be encouraged to work with unconventional materials.

Techniques such as: saw-piercing, filing, soldering, forging, polishing and finishing, wax modelling, etc...

As well as learning or improving traditional jewellery techniques, each participant will be introduced and encouraged to work with a variety of unconventional materials (epoxy resin, plastic, paper, fabric...).

There will be also short talks/discussions on contemporary jewellers whose work is conceptual and participants will have the chance to work on concepts using whatever material they feel most appropriate.
This workshop is open to all those people who need to learn or improve their skills in jewellery design and making.



Arianna Pittini: Having travelled to England to study, I gained a Bachelor degree and a Master degree in jewellery design. Contemporary jewellery fascinates me. I enjoy investigating how non precious materials may be ascribed value when placed in the context of jewellery. My approach and practice is intuitive. I enjoy working with a variety of materials such as paper, iron, fabric, silver… I have taught Art and Design in England and I am lecturing in “ Jewellery Design” in Art Academy in Rome.

M.Cristina Bellucci: I've been working as a contemporary jeweller for 16 years. My initial approach was working with metals, then my interest shifted to non precious materials and ordinary objects. I am interested in transforming the matter; what is ordinary holds the potential to be transformed into something special and beautiful. Usually I design through making. In the last years I was fascinated by color so that it become a source of inspiration.

Dates and price

Date and times: From the 24th to the 29th of July 2017;  10 am till 6 pm, from Monday to Saturday. (total: 43 hours teaching).

Location: Maria Cristina Bellucci’s Studio, via della Selvotta 14, Formello (Rome) Italy.

Price: 700 € for each participant. 
Max. 8 persons may be accepted at the course. 

Language: Italian and English
Cost include: the use of a fully equipped workshop, some materials. A lunch-buffet will be provided for participants.

Accomodation: this is not included in the workshop price. We can suggest different options for your accommodation. 

Payment50% deposit to be paid at the moment of booking, the remaining part is due to be paid by the 17th of July.

Arianna Pittini. Object: Untitled, 2015. Arianna Pittini
Object: Untitled, 2015
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Maria Cristina Bellucci. Ring: 14 wood 2, 2014. 47 x 30 x 20 mm. Maria Cristina Bellucci
Ring: 14 wood 2, 2014
47 x 30 x 20 mm
© By the author. Read Copyright.