Cool People Wear Necklaces. Technical and conceptual workshop with Lavinia Rossetti

Workshop  /  Making   Technics  /  19 Oct 2020  -  23 Oct 2020
Published: 25.09.2020
Lavinia Rossetti. Necklace: Chiodi, 2018. Silver, 18kt gold.. Photo by: Filippo Romanelli. Lavinia Rossetti
Necklace: Chiodi, 2018
Silver, 18kt gold.
Photo by: Filippo Romanelli
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It's a technical and conceptual course designed for people who already have a basic level of jewellery making. After a theoretical lecture on necklaces and its movements, the portability, the connections and the clasps, the student will be guided on conceptual research of shape. The aim of the course is to think and create unconventional solutions for a modular necklace. Together with the students, we will find multiple solutions for connections, links and locks. The students will get a booklet with the illustration of different connections, clasps, chains, picture of modular jewellery and a technical explanation.