Craft Experience 2024 at LAO

Workshop  /  Making   Technics  /  10 Jun 2024  -  10 Jun 2025
Published: 10.06.2024

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LAO offers one - to two-day courses to all those who want to try their hand at making a piece of jewellery under the guidance of a master craftsman and take a precious memory of Florence with them. No previous experience is required.
The craft experience courses are activated upon request at any time of the year. Interested individuals can contact the administration to request courses with different content from those listed:

Trilogy Experience – 6 hours

Symbol of eternal love, the trilogy ring represents a bond that goes beyond every barrier of time. The perfect ring for every anniversary. The teacher will explain step by step how to set stones in a ring using the prong setting technique. Participants will be able to keep the jewelry they made: a silver ring with brilliant-cut Swarovski cubic zirconia.

The Solitaire ring – 3 hours
The solitaire is the most classic piece of jewelry: a symbol of a promise of eternal love, perfect for a special occasion or marriage proposal, and ideal to accompany one of life’s most important moments. The teacher will guide participants step by step to set a gemstone on a silver solitaire ring (gold on request), prepared in advance and provided to each participant.

Burin engraving on pendant or other silver object – 3 hours
The refined art of hand engraving has its best masters in Florence: the course includes the use of the burin to engrave a small silver pendant (gold on request), with the use of backgrounds, granite, silk, etching of veins that will create light/shadow contrasts, enhancing the finish of the object.

Burin Engraving on a flat metal surface – 3 hours
This exercise involves making different textures and patterns by burin engraving on a flat metal surface. Participants can choose the silver (gold on request) pendant on which to make their own pattern from some of the proposed ones.

Enameling of a silver pendant – 3 hours
Participants have some silver pendants (gold on request) to color with fire enamels that will then be fired in the kiln and finished by the participants themselves. A sophisticated and fascinating technique, fire enameling lends great beauty and preciousness to even a simple object.

Making your own wedding rings – 8 hours
Participants in this activity make wedding rings for their own wedding or for the wedding of friends/relatives. LAO suggests several models that can also be customized, in addition to the bride and groom’s names listed inside the wedding bands and the wedding date. Participants can also propose their own models, with drawings or pictures to be sent in advance. The cost of the metal used will be borne by the participants, who may also bring metal of their own.
Trilogy rings.
Trilogy rings

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Engraving process.
Engraving process

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Engraved pieces.
Engraved pieces

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Enamel process.
Enamel process

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