Creating Volume. Hydraulic Press with Jesse Bert

Workshop  /  Technics   ProfessionalPractice  /  27 Jun 2020  -  28 Jun 2020
Published: 25.05.2020
Creating Volume. Hydraulic Press with Jesse Bert.
Batek Escuela de Joyeria
Ana Villalba
DEADLINE: 27/06/2020
Jesse Bert. Object: Hydraulic Press Die, 2019. Acrylic, brass, copper.. Jesse Bert
Object: Hydraulic Press Die, 2019
Acrylic, brass, copper.
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During their time in the workshop, students will be introduced to techniques for use in the fabrication of jewelry as well as tools for the press.
To start out students will be using plexiglass and normal jewelers tools to create unique molds or dies. The molds can be used many times without wear, to create high relief and exceptional volume in sheet metal. One of the great advantages of the Hydraulic Press is the ability to create multiples of the same piece or pieces in series. A technique shown during the workshop will be the development and use of rivets. This series of operations will give the students the ability to connect many dissimilar materials, which are sometimes sensitive to heat. In the case of this workshop, students will be uniting plastic and metal with wire rivets to create their own molds. They will learn about the strength and structural capacity of mold materials, understanding how to perforate and connect without the risk of fracture or breakage. The final part of the workshop will be dedicated to exploration and experimentation with the newly created molds to create unique components for fabricating jewelry.

Saturday, June 27th, 9:30-14:30  &  16:00-21:00 h.
Sunday, June 28th, 9:30-14:30 h.
Cost: $200USD/3,700 Mexican Pesos (approx. 185 €).
Basic materials and tools provided, additional material available for purchase. For more information or to reserve your space in the workshop, please contact Escuela Batek directly:
Language: workshop taught in Spanish or English.

About the teacher:
Mexico based artist Jesse Bert holds a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from RIT in New York, and an MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from ECU in North Carolina. 3 years spent as an apprentice in a tool and die shop before beginning university gave Jesse a strong interest and appreciation for fine hand made tools, which he now uses to embellish his work with delicate texture and design. Over the past 13 years, Jesse has taught metalsmithing and jewelry techniques to students of all skill levels at his own studio in San Miguel de Allende, as well as annual workshops in other cities around the world. Jesse is an adjunct professor at the Technological Institute of Monterrey in Guadalajara. Some prestigious venues where his work has shown include the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City, and the Museum of Art and Design in NYC. In 2014 he was a fellow at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts residency program, and in 2019 he participated in a 2-month residency working with a world-renowned German instrument builder.

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