Dialogos de Identidad

Workshop  /  05 Apr 2010  -  08 Apr 2010
Published: 11.02.2010
Dialogos de Identidad.
Instituto Centro Diseño, Cine y Television

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The University will host a series of exhibitions by renown artists from Latin America and Europe, as well as an academic encounter and a workshop lead by Jorge Manilla (Mexico-Belgica).
The workshop Diálogos de Identidad, aims to stimulate creativity and to encourage a critical and analytical thinking among visual artists, jewellery makers and students interested in the conceptualization and execution of contemporary jewellery. The workshop will provide the participants with the necessary tools to develop an individual aesthetical profile and a creative identity, encouraging them to develop concepts through themes of personal interest, to experiment with materials and forms and to create pieces able to establish a new visual language. 

Registration is open as from Monday 8th February. 

Please, contact:

Nayeli Arévalo Rivera
Educación Continua
Telefonos: +52 55 52 01 88 82
+52 55 2789 9000 ext. 8803

Dates and price

Instructor: Jorge Manilla (Mexico-Belgium)
Days: Monday 5th April to Thursday 8th April 2010 (4 days)
From 10:00 to 17:00 hrs
Fee: $ 4,400 Pesos ($ 330 USDollars)
Language: Spanish