Digital Designing with Anarkik3D an accessible 3D modelling system. With Ann Marie Shillito and Birgit Laken

Workshop  /  Technics  /  10 Oct 2019  -  11 Oct 2019
Published: 11.04.2019
Akademie für Gestaltung und Design
DEADLINE: 10/09/2019

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This intensive Masterclass is geared to the requirements of jewellers, designer-makers, applied artists and creative people who want to expand their business by taking advantage of 3D digital designing and 3D printing opportunities but find standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) programmes very intimidating.
The workshop is geared towards designers who are interested in 3D design and 3D printing. They use the package Anarkik3D Design, an easily accessible 3D modelling system. It is based on your haptic experience of touch and leads seamlessly to digital technologies. You'll get hands-on 3D design experience to explore a new way of creating. Information on dealing with various 3D printing materials such as plastics, glass, ceramics, metal and various 3D printing processes complete the program.

Dates: Thursday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm. 20 lessons.
Cost:  255 €.
Birgit Laken. Ring: Frog, 2015. Polyamide.. Birgit Laken
Ring: Frog, 2015
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Elizabeth Armour. Ring: Untitled, 2018. Polyamide, pearls, silver.. Elizabeth Armour
Ring: Untitled, 2018
Polyamide, pearls, silver.
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Anne Boylan. Pendant: Untitled, 2018. Polyamide, lacquer, stones.. Anne Boylan
Pendant: Untitled, 2018
Polyamide, lacquer, stones.
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Genna Delaney. Necklace: Red and Black Chain, 2018. Polyamide. Genna Delaney
Necklace: Red and Black Chain, 2018
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Ann Marie Shillito. Ring: Exchangeable Rings, 2018. Polyamide, steel.. Ann Marie Shillito
Ring: Exchangeable Rings, 2018
Polyamide, steel.
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