Direct, raw and honest by Ilona Schwippel

Workshop  /  Making   CriticalThinking  /  30 Aug 2019  -  01 Sep 2019
Published: 24.04.2019
Direct, raw and honest by Ilona Schwippel.
Johanna Neeser
DEADLINE: 29/08/2019
Work by Ilona Schwippel..
Work by Ilona Schwippel.

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Producing emotions through rational making.
How can an object be thought of that will adorn the body and communicate with viewers? How do we think of our bodies and how do we think of the bodies of others? 

The body as a volume and a volume of the body. It is a matter of presence, subtle and discreet, raw and radical. It concerns inside and outside, a volume that our own bodies are to accommodate, protect and to which they give expression.
An invitation to engage in dialogue and play with positions and relativities that shift standards and help to individually assess significances.

About the teacher:
Ilona Schwippel, a collector of jewellery stories is fascinated by the omnipresence of jewellery and the fact of the often incomparable importance that jewellery objects hold in our lives. The question of why is absorbing and seems inescapable. Jewellery designer, passionately and decisively involved in Lausanne’s viceversa gallery for the last 20 years, teacher and tutor at XS Schmuck in Lucerne. 
Ilona Schwippel.
Ilona Schwippel

© By the author. Read Copyright.