Do You Speak Jewellery?

Workshop  /  CriticalThinking   Making   Research  /  21 Sep 2015  -  25 Sep 2015
Published: 10.07.2015
The Postcon Project
Manuel Vilhena
DEADLINE: 18/09/2015

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A five day workshop that questions the fundamental basis on which we understand contemporary jewellery.
In doing so, it overturns and puts in perspective some basic principles, unveiling the common concepts and attitudes that support our status as contemporary jewellers, consciously taking a fresh view of our media.
It presents an opportunity to investigate Jewellery’s characteristic vocabulary and grammar, to review our position as artists, to obtain new ease in self-expression and to bring more clarity to the conceptual approach.
There will be group discussions, individual tutoring and group presentations. From the first steps in how to create and develop work, to the final stages of presentation and exhibition, students will be given conceptual and practical exercises to experience shifts of perspective on their own work.


Day 1:
Theoretical overview on what Jewellery is and what it can be.
Group Discussion.
Conceptual exercises.
Briefing for practical work to be done during the week.
Day 2,3,4:
Practical studio work.
Individual tuition.
Group discussions.

Day 5:
Finishing up studio work.

Dates and price

21–25 September 2015
4-8 January 2016
4–8 April 2016

Price: € 720
Working hours: 09.00–18.00
Language: English
Requirements: Personal hand tools