Drawing a line between order and chaos

Workshop  /  08 Sep 2008  -  12 Sep 2008
Published: 27.03.2008
Drawing a line between order and chaos.
Bildungszentrum München. Akademie für Gestaltung
Barbara Schmidt
DEADLINE: 08/08/2008
Giovanni Corvaja. Brooch: Untitled. Gold. Giovanni, CorvajaBrooch: UntitledGold. Giovanni Corvaja
Brooch: Untitled

Giovanni, Corvaja
Brooch: Untitled

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The workshop will introduce you into the cosmos of thin and ultra thin wires.
Drawing a line between order and chaos, working with thin precious wires
Workshop by Giovanni Corvaja

For Giovanni Corvaja there is no limit: in his work he says „it's only a matter of patience“. This philosophical statement can be seen as a leitmotiv for his whole work which, doubtlessly, has pushed the limits of goldsmithing art. These limits have been regarded as reliable and valid for thousands of years but Giovanni Corvaja has questioned and looked beyond them. His and our rewards are unseen, breathtaking objects which make it difficult to believe that they are based on relatively simple techniques - and patience. 

Giovanni Corvaja (* 1971) started his goldsmithing career during his studies at the „Piedro Selvatico“ trade school in Padua, Italy during which time he worked for Francesco Pavan and then continued his studies at the Royal College of Art in London, and started his own studio in 1992. His work has been presented in countless solo and group exhibitions worldwide and is present at some of the most-renowned museums. He has also been awarded several amongst the most established prizes in contemporary jewellery today.

In his workshop Giovanni Corvaja will introduce you into the cosmos of thin and ultra thin wires. He will start from the basic principles and share his experience of the practice and theory of precious wires of gold and platinum. This will then open a wide field of experimentation and inspiration where order and chaos are the challenge of creation.

> The course will be conducted in English and German language. 

Dates and price

Max. Number of Participants: 
14 Students

2 – 6 June 2008

Course code:
50 Hours of lecture
Mo. – Fr. 9 am – 6pm

370 € (+ material)