Entropy + Entities, a workshop by Iris Bodemer

Workshop  /  CriticalThinking   Conceptual  /  28 Jul 2018  -  31 Jul 2018
Published: 20.03.2018
Iris Bodemer. Brooch: Notes, 2016. Bronze, coral, rhodochrosite.. 13.5 x 9 x 1 cm. Photo by: Nicole Eberwein. Iris Bodemer
Brooch: Notes, 2016
Bronze, coral, rhodochrosite.
13.5 x 9 x 1 cm
Photo by: Nicole Eberwein
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Following basic philosophical concepts, we will explore the diversity of artistic capabilities for jewelry.
Will be perceiving various facets of decisions:
How to underline the essence of materials - essence?
How to push objects for my idea of being - idea? being?
How to organize this chaos of choices - chaos? choices?
Concentrating on the entity of your ideas.
Considering entropy can show how to face chaos and how to generate choices, reflecting your own being will clearly determine your art works.
Reaction + Interaction.


Iris Bodemer

Dates and price

Duration: 3 days, July 28th -  31st 2018
Price: 600 €+VAT
Course Language: English
Teacher: Iris Bodemer
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