Estela Saez: Daily Life, Jewelry Connection

Workshop  /  06 Aug 2012  -  17 Aug 2012
Published: 03.02.2012
Estela Saez: Daily Life, Jewelry Connection.
ALCHIMIA Contemporary Jewellery School in Firenze
Doris Maninger & Lucia Massei

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Daily life; Jewellery connection is the title of 2 weeks working in Florence, linking our work to daily situations as we define our creative process, analysis, criticism and the awareness of why do we make jewellery.
“To make things themselves is not difficult. Rather putting us in the condition to make it and finding the right state of mind is the difficulty.”

Indeed the pieces we make are what acknowledge us as jewellers, our character and interests; everything counts and dictates the authenticity of each maker. It is vital that we begin questioning why we perform it early on. How does our work questions, reflects upon and connects with the circumstances we live in? What do we make? Why? For who do we make?
The independent jewellery scenario is growing exponentially, yet the world at large barely knows that we exist. It is essential for the survival of our discipline to connect our practice to the society in which we live, while embracing critical discourse and applying it to the work we produce.

I propose a workshop with the aim to expand and gain perspective in our working process. We will relate our personal universe, thoughts and concerns towards daily life and the jewellery we make. Create a bridge between the studio and the outside world, while connecting our work into society. Working from the inside to the outside and the other way around. Experiment how society can function as a mirror to understand better the work we produce as well as to find the optimum space to generate something unique and original; avoiding to become narrow-minded in our thinking and making.

Dates and price

Timetable: from 6th to 17th August 2012.

Duration of the course:
2 weeks (80h. approx.)

Course fee: Euro 900 + 19% VAT tax.
On acceptance, advanced payment of Euros 200 is required via bank transfer to confirm participation. The remaining amount is due by the first day of the course.

Maximum 12 participants

Discount: 15% discount for students

Language: English, Spanish and a bit of German

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Estela Sàez, "nowhere in between IV", 2011, cardboard.
Estela Sàez, "nowhere in between IV", 2011, cardboard

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Estela Sàez, object, 2006, readymade.
Estela Sàez, object, 2006, readymade

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Estela Sàez, Brooch "zandvoord" 2006 glass/sand/seaweed.
Estela Sàez, Brooch "zandvoord" 2006 glass/sand/seaweed

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Estela Sàez, "terra" 2006, installation.
Estela Sàez, "terra" 2006, installation

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Estela Sàez, Necklace "bala" 2008 wood/fabrics/silver.
Estela Sàez, Necklace "bala" 2008 wood/fabrics/silver

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Estela Sàez, "niu" 2008 silver/gold.
Estela Sàez, "niu" 2008 silver/gold

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