Experimental Casting

Workshop  /  29 Sep 2016  -  01 Oct 2016
Published: 03.08.2016
Cockpit Arts
Kelvin J. Birk, Katrin Spranger
DEADLINE: 29/09/2016

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You will explore the possibilities of the different techniques and how far you can stretch them and where they can take you and your creative process to produce unique pieces of jewellery and small objects.
During this course you will explore and experiment with different casting processes and use them in an unconventional way. Traditional techniques like sand, water, ice and cuttlefish casting will be taught and used as the starting point of your creative journey. You will be encouraged to ‘cast outside the box’ and take the process literally outside the studio, to cast into gaps, cracks and other items in the street.


This dynamic course will be led by two creative jewellery practitioners who have been teaching jewellery design and jewellery making at several colleges in Britain and Europe: Kelvin Birk and Katrin Spranger.

Dates and price

Thursday 29th September - Saturday 1st October, 10.00am - 4.00pm
450€ (£350.00 (most materials included))
If you are interested in booking, get in touch soon, there are 10 places available. 


Jewellers, artists, craft practitioners and students who are looking to explore new approaches to making, who want to get the chance to experiment and broaden their creative working practices. Jewellery-making experience is preferable but not essential.