Experimental Modeling. A Workshop by Lorenzo Pepe

Workshop  /  Making   Technics  /  11 May 2024  -  19 May 2024
Published: 11.04.2024
Experimental Modeling. A Workshop by Lorenzo Pepe.
Studio Squina
Sandra Pampín, Gimena Caram
DEADLINE: 29/04/2024
Lorenzo Pepe. Ring: Rama Coral, 2021. Bronze, gold 750.. 4.2 x 3.5 x 4 cm. Lorenzo Pepe
Ring: Rama Coral, 2021
Bronze, gold 750.
4.2 x 3.5 x 4 cm
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Estimated price: 975 €

Experimental modeling is a Technical course that offers a detailed overview of polyurethane foam modeling techniques applied to jewelry. It covers modeling techniques and strategies, limitations and inherent issues with the material, the use of oxidation layers on metal, and a brief introduction to the peculiarities and poetics of jewelry design in foam.

The workshop is aimed at goldsmiths, artists, artisans, students and designers.
The workshop will be on 11-12-18-19 May 2024

Content of the Workshop:

Day 1 (11 of May) Presentation: Material, Techniques, and Types.
  • Types of foams according to density, effects, and results.
  • Modeling of foams: considerations on volumes and thicknesses.
  • Challenges of modeling a block.
  • Modeling techniques: a) Whole piece. b) Small pieces with separate hoops c) Pieces with mixed surfaces.
  • Poetics: Why foam? Effects of texture, poetics of roughness.
Day 2 (12 of May) Modeling Exercises.
  • Various modeling exercises, and preparation of pieces for casting. 
Day 3 (18 of May) Preparation, Review, and Finishing of Pieces.
  • Cleaning (removal of plaster).
  • Removal of sprues and texture touch-ups, review (interior of rings, edges in contact with the skin).
  • Artistic treatment of relief to shine.
  • Possible solutions for casting defects.
  • Assembly and soldering of pieces with different materials.
Day 4 (19 of May) Finishing and Application of Patinas, Study of Other Typologies.
  • Finishes and application of patinas, concentrations, tones, and contrasts.
All materials are included in the course price.

Min & max Participants: 5-10 people
*The workshop will take place if the minimum of participants is reached

When: 11-12-18-19- May 2024
4 days, two weekends, from Saturday to Sunday
5 hours per day: Saturdays 16:00-21:00 h / Sundays 10:00-15:00 h.

Workshop: 650€ divided in two quotes:
300€ as a reservation within 29th of April
350€ on the day the course starts.

Previous experience is not necessary, prior knowledge of wax modeling techniques is helpful but not essential.

About the teacher:
Lorenzo Pepe was born in Milan in 1969. Since 1997, he has been living in Formentera, where he has been dedicated to author jewelry since 2000. He explores a style based on the formal and graphic study of natural harmony. He is mainly inspired by marine organisms and their structures, textures, and symmetries. Always in search of an essential and original elegance, outside of time, he imbues his creations with the feeling of strength, balance, and serenity inherent in the contemplation of nature and life.

Deadline to apply: 29th of April 2024.
The course will be in Italian and Spanish
For any further information, please contact us by email:
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