Explore Traditional and Contemporary Portuguese filigree with Magda Sá

Workshop  /  Technics   ProfessionalPractice   Making  /  09 Nov 2019  -  10 Nov 2019
Published: 15.10.2019
Magda Sá. Pendant: Filigree Heart, 2019. Sterling silver.. 3 x 4.5 cm. Photo by: Magda Sá. From series: Tradition. Magda Sá
Pendant: Filigree Heart, 2019
Sterling silver.
3 x 4.5 cm
Photo by: Magda Sá
From series: Tradition
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Portugal has a very rich and antique tradition in filigree. While this technique is nowhere near exclusive to our culture, there are a few technical and style characteristics that make it easily recognisable and unique. Those same characteristics make it an excellent starting point to start developing your own personal style.