Expressive Enamelling: Searching for Compelling Colour and Texture by Nora Kovats

Workshop  /  25 Feb 2023
Published: 02.02.2023
Atelier NONNE 11
Nora Kovats
DEADLINE: 24/02/2023
Enamel colours template..
Enamel colours template.

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Nora Kovats teaches various expressive and experimental enamelling techniques in this workshop, aiming to achieve emotionally compelling surfaces and poignant colour combinations. With an emphasis on intuition and playfulness, this approach encourages you to expand your enamelling repertoire by applying these more experimental techniques to your unique artistic visual language.

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Nora Kovats
In this one-day workshop, you will learn a variety of different enamelling techniques with the aim of creating expressive, emotionally compelling surfaces for your work. Ideally, you can further experiment with these techniques and apply them to your unique artistic language. We will start with a brief recap of basic dry-sifting with a focus on colour theory, then quickly move into more experimental techniques such as colour shading, using stencils, scratching, under-firing enamel to create a variety of rough surface textures from sugar-coat to orange-peel effect, underlaying transparent enamels with white to boost its luminosity, fire-scale manipulation with transparent layering, pull-through/break-up technique, bubbly effects with water, and finally experimenting with wire, metal filings and aluminium foil.

Each participant will be able to create a unique double-sided pendant in this workshop. However, if you are interested in working on your own project, you are very welcome to do so and discuss your ideas with Nora in advance.

All your enamel experiments are yours to take home.

Each workshop is limited to a maximum of four participants. If you already are a group of four, you may contact Nora at to arrange your own date.

Cost: 390€ per person.
When: Saturday 25.02.2023 or alternatively Saturday 18.03.2023
Time: 10:00 - 18:00

Included in the course:
  • Transparent and opaque enamel powders and other materials needed such as beads, glass splinters, wire, foil, adhesive etc.
  • Equipment and tools such as sieves, brushes, pens etc.
  • Copper sheet
  • Copper pendant to be enamelled
  • Detailed hand-outs in German
  • Snacks and drinks (excluding lunch- there are several attractive culinary options for lunch nearby)

You are invited to stay after 18:00 to wind down the day with a drink at Atelier Nonne 11.

Visit or to book your place for the workshop.

Please note that this workshop will be primarily held in German. Nora is fluent in English, so if you wish to, you may participate anyway, just please be aware that translation takes a lot of time and not every aspect of the workshop will be translated in perfect detail.

A cancellation fee of 50€ will be charged if you cancel up to 14 days before the workshop. After that, the full amount will be charged, unless you provide a replacement participant.
Enamel pendant..
Enamel pendant.

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Enamelling process..
Enamelling process.

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Enamel impression..
Enamel impression.

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