Fibres, Pulp, Mould: Where there are fibres, there's paper. A workshop with Barbara Schrobenhauser

Workshop  /  02 Sep 2022  -  04 Sep 2022
Published: 13.06.2022

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We’ll be carrying out a variety of experiments to familiarise us with the nature of paper: From its fibrous origins through to its applications in everyday life as newspaper, magazine paper, wallpaper, and drawing paper, we’ll get to know paper in all its forms and facets.
We will be explaining and exploring a variety of techniques and processing methods, complete with illustrative examples. The qualities that we discover will then become our point of departure as we go on to create jewellery and objects.
Barbara Schrobenhauser searches. She researches to the depths. She collects. Having no borders, she embraces the unbordered. In her work, she employs a wide range of techniques, both traditional and of her own inspiration. Materials are transformed such that, although their original incarnation is not immediately recognisable, the works remain true to their substance.
/ Annemaria Leiste

Workshop fees: CHF 500. Students are entitled to a 10 % discount. A discount is offered if more than one workshop is booked.
Fri 16 – 21 h
Sa / Sat 11 – 19 h
So / Sun 10 – 17 h
Participants: maximum 8
Subscription: up to two weeks before the workshop begins.
Advance payment: half of the workshop fee.
Tools & Materials: Tools are available. Course material is included in the cost. Metal is charged separately.
Course languages: German and English
Teacher: Barbara Schrobenhauser

You will receive detailed information before the workshop begins.
Modifications reserved.
Barbara Schrobenhauser.
Barbara Schrobenhauser

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