Fundamental Silversmithing Skills with Oscar Saurin

Workshop  /  Making   Technics  /  24 Sep 2024  -  26 Sep 2024
Published: 03.07.2024
Fundamental Silversmithing with Oscar Saurin.
Fundamental Silversmithing with Oscar Saurin

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Join this three-day course at the Goldsmiths’ Centre in London for craftspeople who usually work on smaller items, such as jewellery, and want to expand their skills to larger silversmithing projects.
You’ll learn the fundamental techniques of raising, hammering, and soldering, transitioning from delicate adornments to substantial metal forming projects, like a Rice bowl.

Guided by award-winning silversmith Oscar Saurin, you'll explore metalwork using large equipment and techniques. This hands-on experience includes live group demonstrations and personalised guidance, helping you master the complexities of scaling up projects.

Embrace this opportunity to refine your skills and expand your creative repertoire, adding new possibilities to your work. Think big, think bold.

When: 24 – 26 September 2024. 9.30am – 4.30pm
Cost: £549

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Oscar Saurin is a classically trained silversmith with 10 years’ experience in the trade working at Richard Fox and Grant Macdonald. Over the course of his career he has worked alongside the industry's finest craftspeople on work ranging from Formula One trophies, Ecclesiastical pieces, Middle Eastern style work, bespoke commissions to fine smallwork. His skill set ranges from traditional silversmithing techniques including chasing, polishing and the application of CAD processes in silversmithing.