The Hole On Purposeful Nothingness by Esther Brinkmann

Workshop  /  Making   Research  /  15 Sep 2017  -  17 Sep 2017
Published: 23.06.2017

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Functional, aesthetic or symbolic: Whatever the case, the hole is a vital part of any piece of jewellery, if not the pivotal point.
You will be experimenting with a variety of tools and materials, producing holes as an entrance, a passage or an exit, bringing light or leading into the deep, dark unknown. Exploring the nature and peculiarities of holes.

Esther has always been at the vanguard of jewellery design. Jewellery can be understood as the expression of our view of the world – the world of today, and perhaps also of the future she says, Under her leadership, the jewellery class which she founded at the School of Applied Arts in Genova (HEAD) has gone on to become one of the most important training centres for jewellery design in Europe.  


Esther Brinkmann

Dates and price

Friday 15.09.2017, 16 - 21 h
Saturday 16.09.2017, 11 - 19 h
Sunday 17.09.2017, 10 - 17 h

Workshop fees: CHF 500 / ca. 460 €
Advance payment: half of the workshop fee.
Course material is included in the cost. Metal is charged separately. Tools are available.
Students are entitled to a 10 % discount. A discount is offered if more than one workshop is booked.


Participants: maximum 8 person.
Subscription: up to three weeks before the workshop begins.
Course languages: German, English and French.

You will receive detailed information before the workshop begins. Modifications reserved.

Above the city of Zurich
In 2014, the former atelier of sculptor Marianne Olsen, was transformed into a place where jewellery is discussed, analysed and created. The public goldsmiths’ studio features six well-equipped benches for independent work. In 2017, a series of workshops with outstanding tutors and artists will be held.

With Concentration and Quality
The workshops are aimed at goldsmiths, jewellery designers and creators, students and ambitious and interested people.

With Taste and Composure
While the workshop is underway, a homely, fresh meal will be prepared for you. Eating together is part of the process. Sometimes it’s a distraction, sometimes an in-depth study and sometimes simply pleasure.

Accommodation in Zürich
We’ll be delighted if you’re making your way here from out of town, and can recommend two excellent places to stay: in Kreis 4 (near the Bäckeranlage park), on Tram 8 - practically a private tram - straight to the Klusplatz. on the 33 from the nearby Schaffhauserplatz, no changes, straight to the Klusplatz.
Esther Brinkmann.
Esther Brinkmann

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