Workshop  /  06 Mar 2006  -  10 Mar 2006
Published: 01.03.2006
Ädellab-Interieur Architecture Konstfack Stockholm
Miro Sazdic
At the moment we would like to know if students from different schools in Europe, interior -architects, silversmiths and jewellery makers are interested in participating one of the workshops in week 10, from March 6 - 11, 2006.

The fee for the workshop will be € 200, 00 per person.

We will arrange as much as possible hosting for the students from abroad. The idea is that the guest student will stay with a student from KONSTFACK Stockholm.

We like get your application before January 9, 2006. Participation registrations are processed in the order in which they arrive. Registration at:

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(...) The main issue is to create objects for the table and make a table installation where the object and table interact with each other. (...)
We Ädellab and Interior Architecture from Konstfack Stockholm Sweden are intending to organize a special project in the surroundings of our school from March 6-11, 2006. The project is cooperation between two students, one from Konstfack and one from an other school in Europe, who will make a table installation at peoples home. During one week workshop at our school the students will develop an installation under guiding of 6 workshop leaders (see below) The students from Sweden has to find a place-room-restaurant-dinner where they will present their installation. On the end of the workshop their will be one day exhibition at this spot. Their will be a routing to visit the spots in Midsommarkransen ( suburb near Konstfack) .On the last evening of the exhibition the students will cook a dinner for the house owners.

We like to invest during this workshop in the Corpus-Silversmithing and Furniture design. The main issue is to create objects for the table and make a table installation where the object and table interact with each other. The starting point is the basic form of the table. During the workshop there will be 45 tables (each for a couple of participants) in an installation at Konstfack. Day by day there will be a change and everyone can follow the development at the 60 tables during this week at school.

Each couple of students from INTERIOR – ÂDELLAB and abroad will cook a dinner for the house owner and serve this at their table. During this dinner the installation will be discussed by Art-historian, Workshop-leaders and teachers.

Konstfack will support the students by arranging the installation as much as possible.


Invited guest-teachers

Corpus artists:

Anders Ljungberg (Se)
David Clarke (Gb)
Elizabeth Callinicos (Gb)

Furniture Artists:

Lagombra Anders Jacobsson (Se)
Front Sofia (Se)
Maarten Baas (Nl)