Jewelry Wax modelling with Calixto Sánchez in Portugal

Workshop  /  Technics   ProfessionalPractice  /  14 Sep 2020  -  18 Sep 2020
Published: 24.07.2020
Jewelry Wax modelling with Calixto Sánchez in Portugal.
Magda Sá
DEADLINE: 05/09/2020

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A very complete course in wax modelling, where you will learn how to identify how to use the best wax modelling techniques, so you can make the most with the tools and materials you already have and the ones we will make in this workshop (or included in it). You will save time, money and resources and get beautiful, functional models with minimum resources.
We will create our own tools, waxes and moulds, saving time, money and on expensive tools that you will no longer need. We will optimise the process and resources before sending the model to casting.

  • Making your own tools.
  • Types of commercial waxes.
  • Modeling in wax - exercise designed to learn the use of the tools in different waxes. Modeling in different heights (relief), create movement and texture to your creations.
  • Making molds without the need for a vulcanizer.
  • Preparing for stone setting: learn to make grains and prongs and the technical characteristics needed for a beautiful and successful stone setting for different gem sizes.
  • Textures and relief modeling - additive and subtractive technique, creating tools according to the needs of the exercise, perfect finishing and considerations for the reproduction of the model. At this point, we will also make molds with no need for further fancy and expensive equipment. Trouble-shooting of the model to prevent casting issues.
  • Additional resources: how to recycle wax, how to make your own formats and pre-forms (tubes, sheets, etc), types of silicones. Tools for measuring, cutting blocks sand and mark geometrically.

Dates: 14 - 18 Sep 2020.
Time: 9:30-13:00 h and 14:30 to 19:00 h.
Price: 450 euros.
Included: tools (some made in class), wax carver, commercial wax, moulding silicone. There will be enough wax and silicone to make all the exercises and to start practising immediately at home. Returning students will have a reduction in the materials (please inquire). Not included: additional wax and silicone. 
Language: English and Spanish.

About the teacher:
Calixto Sánchez (1983, Madrid, Spain).  
He studied  Goldsmithing (Orfebreria   in the  Escuela de Arte nº3. In the "Gremio de Joyeros y Plateros de Madrid" he obtained qualifications as jeweller, stone setter, 3D modelling, wax modelling and wax casting. When he was 22 years old he won an award of “Vogue joyas” at the nomination of the Best New Designer (2006). In 2009 he won an award of the Best Design by the Union of Jewelers of Asturias (Spain). He then worked and further developed his high jewellery skills on comissions from Magerit or Cartier, while working for the former. He later joined a small atelier working strictly handmade on comissions for brands such as Vendôme or Perodri. In 2018 and 2019 he received awards for  "Artesanía del Gobierno del Principado de Asturias", for the work developed in his own studio, that he co-established and worked in from 2009 to 2020. Since he was 16 years old, Calixto has been working with jewellery, with different different techniques that he has been perfecting, developing and teaching, with special emphasis on wax modelling. 2020 will be essentially devoted to pursuing his passion by conducting research, as well as sharing his expertise by teaching, following several invitations from in several workshops and schools in Spain and internationally.
Classes are held with the most separation between students. Masks are compulsory in the studio. We also try to book meals so as to be around the least people possible.
Impressions of the wax modelling course at JWP..
Impressions of the wax modelling course at JWP.

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Impressions of the wax modelling course at JWP..
Impressions of the wax modelling course at JWP.

© By the author. Read Copyright.
Impressions of the wax modelling course at JWP..
Impressions of the wax modelling course at JWP.

© By the author. Read Copyright.