Jillian Moore: New Resin Surface Techniques

Workshop  /  20 Mar 2014
Published: 05.03.2014
Jillian Moore: New Resin Surface Techniques.
Beyond Fashion
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 -  Antwerp
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A workshop with Jillian Moore about two distinct resins, their applications to materials and a science lab.
Resin can be layered over nearly any medium/material to provide a durable, interesting, and expressive surface. This means that more fragile materials can be made stronger while remaining lightweight. The process is not unlike the construction of a pearl in an oyster. In this demonstration, come learn some of the tricks that I've picked up after working with resin for nearly 10 years. There are two distinct resins will be discussed. First, the non-toxic, opaque composite resin I use to strengthen fragile materials. The second resin, a clear epoxy resin, is then used to build up the surface and create visual depth. The materials can also be worked further through manipulation in the form of carving, sanding, and further texturing to continue working toward a unique finish. Attendees will learn about applications relating to collage materials, found objects, paint, and stains to add luster and depth. In this way resin can mimic lacquerware or complex glass techniques, but with much more immediacy and variation. One part workshop, one part science lab, we will cover a lot of ground and have a lot of fun!

Dates and price

Thu March 20,  7.30-10pm

15 €
Jillian Moore. Piece: Popel, 2009. Foam, composite and epoxy resin, paint, nickel silver. Jillian Moore
Piece: Popel, 2009
Foam, composite and epoxy resin, paint, nickel silver
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