Jillian Moore: Resin in 3D

Workshop  /  16 Mar 2013  -  17 Mar 2013
Published: 06.01.2013
Jillian Moore: Resin in 3D.
Jan Reimer
DEADLINE: 11/01/2013

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In this workshop, you'll be learning Jillian Moore's out of the box techniques for transforming 3-dimensional objects with resin and layers of pigment.
Jillian Moore is a full time maker of sculptural objects and contemporary jewelry living in Iowa City, IA. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

In this workshop students will learn how to apply resin to 3-dimensional objects to create complex surfaces. Resin can be layered over nearly any medium/material to provide a durable, interesting, and expressive surface. This means that more fragile materials can be made stronger while remaining lightweight. The process is not unlike the construction of a pearl in an oyster; however the clarity of the resin means we can start with something much more interesting than a grain of sand. Participants will learn about applications relating to collage materials, found objects, paint, and stains to add luster and depth. The material can also be worked further through manipulation in the form of carving, sanding, and further texturing to continue working toward a unique finish. In this way resin can mimic lacquerware or complex glass techniques, but with much more immediacy and variation. Students are encouraged to bring any small (not larger than 3" in any dimension) items they are interested in incorporating, i.e. small photos or printed text, pigment, glitter, dry organics such as shells and seed pods, hair, thread, cured polymer clay pieces, anything you want to try!

Dates and price

March 16th and 17th, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

$145. for MASSC Members plus $30. materials fee
$175. non members plus $30. materials fee

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