Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker: Masterclass

Workshop  /  09 Jan 2012  -  19 Jan 2012
Published: 04.01.2012
Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker: Masterclass.
Tasmanian School of Art
Alisa Ward
Lisa Walker. Piece: Untitled, 2011. Wood, lacquer, thread, veneer, fabric, thread. Lisa Walker
Piece: Untitled, 2011
Wood, lacquer, thread, veneer, fabric, thread
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Students who have advanced jewellery skills - take the chance of participating in a Master Class workshop held by the "guru’s of International Art Jewellery” – Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker.
The "guru’s of International Art Jewellery” – Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker, will hold a Master Class workshop with students who have advanced jewellery skills. Fritsch and Walker, consistently reconsider what jewellery can be and are recognised for their rule breaking and idea generating approaches to design and making. They are recipients of many international awards and are held in public and private collections, in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Students will work with Fritsch and Walker over a period of two weeks. During this time they will extend and challenge the conceptual and theoretical framework for their design and jewellery making processes. Discussions will reference contemporary jewellery of the last 40 years, questioning and researching what jewellery means and what it can be. The focus will be on visual research and experimentation. Participants will also be required to spend an equal amount of time in their own studio/workshops to develop and execute their project and complete their final works for assessment.

Teaching Pattern:
Week 1 - Workshop
Monday, January 9: 9am to 6pm

Week 2 - Workshop
Monday, January 16: 9am to 6pm
Public talk and satellite exhibit opening Wednesday January 18

Week 3 - Workshop
Thursday, January 19: 9am to 6pm

Successful applicants will be expected to have completed an undergraduate degree in visual art or visual communications, or in a related discipline, with credit or above results in their final year of major.

A person who possesses such other qualifications and professional experience deemed by the Faculty to provide an adequate preparation for study equivalent to that provided for by an undergraduate degree, may be admitted to the course.

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